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Dr. Shafeeq Sheikh, who escaped jail time on a conviction of raping patient at Ben Taub, can now fight to keep his medical license. [Read More]
Pulitzer Prize-winning metro columnist Lisa Falkenberg assumes control Monday as vice president and editor of opinion for the Houston Chronicle. She will write a periodic... [Read More]
Ten people were killed and 13 injured in a shooting last week in the Galveston County community of Santa Fe. [Read More]
Screams. Pools of blood in the art room. The fetid potpourri of gun smoke and fear. As I read witness descriptions of the scene at... [Read More]
County attorneys dropped a bombshell allegation in federal court about ex-death row inmate Alfred Dewayne Brown. [Read More]
The Katy... [Read More]
The dispute over gun laws goes far beyond "country folk" versus "city slickers." [Read More]
Alfred Dewayne Brown deserves a finding of "actual innocence" so he can be compensated for the years he wrongly spent behind bars. [Read More]
Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg says she will announce an independent investigation that could help clear the way for Alfred Dewayne Brown to receive... [Read More]
Abstinence-only sex education just isn't working for Texas teens. [Read More]
"I was 45. And he was 29." Those are the first, trembling words the Houston woman said as she nervously took the stage and recounted... [Read More]
Good news shouldn't slow down the state's efforts to help women. [Read More]
A tumor growing inside a young child's body gets quick attention. To leave it to fester, to metastasize, to endanger a child's life, would be... [Read More]
We hear a lot about the bad prosecutors - the corrupt, incompetent few whose mishandling of high-stakes criminal cases sometimes seem to give the job... [Read More]
HISD administrators Grenita Lathan has been tapped to lead the school district as interim superintendent. [Read More]
A Harris County prosecutor accused of suppressing evidence had hoped "the right thing" would be done in death penalty case. [Read More]
In the end, Superintendent Richard Carranza's song lacked substance. [Read More]
The attack on moderate Republicans in Texas could hurt the party in the long run. [Read More]
New budget projections temper the dire outlook for schools of just a few weeks ago. [Read More]
The passionate demonstrations of young people following the Parkland massacre are a badly needed injection of concern and civic participation in a nation where far... [Read More]