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Jasmine Jordan is her father's daughter, but her new Air Jordans are uniquely her. [Read More]
A former MLB pitcher and World Series star has become a fireman in Los Angeles, and he's fighting the uncontrolled California wildfires. [Read More]
Abby Wambach posted footage of her car being stolen on Instagram, and has given the criminals 24 hours to turn themselves in. [Read More]
Shohei Ohtani is about to make the most important decision of his life, but several MLB teams are annoyed with how he's doing it. [Read More]
Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo was on the courtroom show "Judge Mathis," and had a really, really good time. [Read More]
A gamer decided to illegally stream UFC 218 on Twitch, and figured out a brilliant way to not get caught. [Read More]
Russell Wilson and his wife went to a restaurant after the Seahawks' win over the Eagles and were greeted like royalty. [Read More]
Examining Don Mattingly's Hall of Fame case, voting history and chances for induction. [Read More]
MLB finally ratified the new posting system for international free agents, which means it's Shohei Ohtani time! [Read More]
Brian Cashman has finished interviews and knows who the next manager of the Yankees will be, and soon he'll let the public know. [Read More]
Conor McGregor had a court date but wasn't too concerned about showing up. The judge wasn't too thrilled with that. [Read More]
Surprise! There was a script for LaVar Ball's appearance on WWE's Monday Night Raw, but Ball didn't look at it. [Read More]
It says a lot about how the season has gone for the Giants and Cowboys that their December 10 matchup is being flexed for a... [Read More]
Auburn fans were so excited by their team's Iron Bowl win that they may have caused detectable seismic activity. [Read More]
Yankees president Randy Levine has weighed in on President Trump's tax plan, and he thinks it's terrible. [Read More]
Yasiel Puig isn't afraid to do weird things to his hair, but maybe he should have been afraid to try this particular style. [Read More]
John Hart resigns from the Braves just days after being demoted. [Read More]
The Marlins want to trade Giancarlo Stanton, but rival GMs are apparently not happy with their asking price. [Read More]
After 20 years and a Hall of Fame career, Carlos Beltran is retiring from baseball. [Read More]