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CCHD funds have also been funneled to organizations, like past recipient NM CAFÃ... [Read More]
Next week, Bishop of Las Cruces, Oscar Cantú, is moving on. His reassignment creates an opportunity for reformation in the Diocese of Las Cruces... [Read More]
By taking inconsistent positions in the political fray, leadership has left the faithful confused at times,... [Read More]
Each school should lock exterior doors from entrance. Retrofit the doors with crash bars for emergency exits but no entry. [Read More]
He was an impediment to the hegemony that far-left radicals believe they are entitled to in our city and county seats of power. [Read More]
The blue-collar billionaire has given working Americans hope for the first time since the Clinton administration, and in his wake left terrified Democrats... [Read More]
Our leaders' brilliant ideas on how to squander three quarters of a million taxpayer dollars is … umbrellas, parties and welcome signs. [Read More]
With the relaxing of sexual mores is it surprising that we have reached a point where many believe it is acceptable to give in to... [Read More]
The Burrell College of Medicine has graciously agreed to establish the Friends of Military Veterans Annual Scholarship Fund. [Read More]
There is a difference between breaking up KKK rallies and the much more common systematic violence which threatens to shut down conservative commentators... [Read More]