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If Benjamin Netanyahu survives until the end of his current term, he will become Israel's longest-serving prime minister. But now the question is: Can he... [Read More]
The prime minister has indicated he has no plans of stepping aside even as Israel's attorney general weighs possible indictment. [Read More]
The Israeli prime minister is accused in two cases involving alleged bribery and political favors. [Read More]
A war that began with peaceful protests against President Bashar al-Assad is rapidly descending into a global scramble for control over what remains of the... [Read More]
Already a Palestinian poster child, she has been thrust further into the spotlight with her arrest. [Read More]
The United States, Russia, Turkey and Iran have troops on the ground, and they are increasingly colliding. [Read More]
Experts who examined footage of the drone being shot down and images of its wreckage released by the Israeli military indicated the shape strongly resembled... [Read More]
The drone that Israel said it shot down this weekend appeared to have been developed by Iran from technology obtained when it captured a U.S.... [Read More]
It marks the first time Israel has lost a plane to enemy fire since 1982. [Read More]
Israel's military on Sunday confirmed that its downed F-16 fighter jet had been hit by a Syrian antiaircraft missile - the first plane it has... [Read More]
Israel's army says it has launched a "large-scale attack" inside Syria after one of its jets was downed under Syrian anti-aircraft fire, in a series of cross-border... [Read More]
The escalation comes after an Iranian drone infiltrated Israel's airspace, the Israeli military said. [Read More]
Israel's army said it had launched a "large-scale attack" inside Syria on Saturday after one of its jets was downed under Syrian anti-aircraft fire, in... [Read More]
In a video posted on Facebook, the Israeli prime minister reassured his supporters that his career would survive the investigation. [Read More]
A Q&A with Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh Deri... [Read More]
   ... [Read More]
Angry protesters chased a group of U.S. diplomats out of the Palestinian town of Bethlehem on Tuesday amid frustration over President Trump's decision to recognize... [Read More]
For many, the beaming smiles on both sides during Vice President Mike Pence's visit to Jerusalem this past week embodied the love affair between American... [Read More]
The high-water mark, ironically, comes as younger members of the denomination grow less attached to the Middle East nation. [Read More]
Plan is to be operating in Jerusalem by next year. [Read More]