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Performance results are encouraging. Management effort is minimal. Cost is minimal. Downside protection is a major advantage. Slight tweaks can enhance performa... [Read More]
What is the logic behind the Swensen Six portfolio? Setting up the Strategic Asset Allocation Model. Managing the Swensen Six using the Tranche Momentum Model. [Read More]
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Provide for global diversity. Have a sell plan. Finding pockets of opportunity. [Read More]
Analyze performance with respect to cutoff ETF. Compare current price with respect to 195-Day EMA. Is the Death Cross signal active? What are the Heikin-Ashi... [Read More]
Use index funds or ETFs to populate the portfolio. Seek securities that outperform a low volatile treasury ETF. Monitor position sizing and Golden Cross signals... [Read More]
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Where does Weyerhaeuser fit into a portfolio such as the Baker's Dozen? What requirements must WY pass to be included in the portfolio. Examining the... [Read More]
Reducing Portfolio Risk Using Momentum Analysis. How to identify sell signals. Using Expectancy Signals as Buy Indicators. Heikin-Ashi Indicators improve probab... [Read More]
Sell if security is under-performing cutoff ETF. Sell if security is priced below 195-Day EMA. Sell if security does not meet REDA Group rank. Sell... [Read More]
Control risk through global diversification. How to apply the SHY cutoff as a risk control. Using relative strength as a final risk reducer. [Read More]