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I have never claimed to be as knowledgeable about God, religion, or the Bible as Bible thumpers, because I am not. [Read More]
The evangelicals went whole hog for "Tiberius the Dumb," perhaps thinking him a sort of savior come to "Make America great again." But while I... [Read More]
President who, what? Did what? Oh, yeah, you mean Doofus Tiberius Trump A-Plus in the White House who may just start a civil war with... [Read More]
Confucius say: Anyone who crosses ocean twice without getting wet, is a dirty double crosser. [Read More]
Like Ronald Reagan said to Jimmy Carter "there you go again." And here city planner Ms. Pokrant, and the city council go again with "The... [Read More]
A local writer to the opinion page makes a reference to "junk media." To which I suspect she was referring to the junky Fox-News, and... [Read More]
Friends, Romans, and Buzzard Gulchians, after the Alamo, the cry in Texas was "The Mexicans are coming." And before that, the cry in the American... [Read More]
"When you put it that way, you see why cities want to annex and grow." So stated city planner Ms. Pokrant, quoting state statues about... [Read More]
You can cry me a river, but haven't you heard the latest? Hillary is not the president hombre. Man, are you behind the times or... [Read More]
According to the News-Herald, the city council has approved free-of-charge, the paving of what may be a block-long section of street "the city abandoned years... [Read More]
Thomas Paine wrote an essay about "The Sunshine Patriot" who wraps himself with the flag like "Tiberius" Trump exhorting patriotism like the shirker that he... [Read More]
Did someone say snookered? Yes. I remember it well; the Republican majority leader in the U.S. Senate put it eloquently in reference to the so-called... [Read More]
The article in the News-Herald about "The Runaway Scrape" in 1836 Texas was interesting, but a little disappointing. For people living Texian or Tejano in... [Read More]
And P.T. Barnum in the Oval Office spoke/tweeted, and the Department of Justice caved, cringed, and trembled as the heavens parted, and a mealy-mouthed politician... [Read More]
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan just recently committed a most hideous, heinous sin against "conservativedom" that has both, Republicans and Democrats in an uproar.... [Read More]
In the continuing saga of Buzzard's romance with airlines comes Ms. Shanalea Taylor, which from the article sounded I imagine like a Roman orator with... [Read More]
The articles in the News-Herald reporting on the recent mayoral, and City Council candidates forum, was flat as a pancake and just as syrupy, with... [Read More]
I met a man a few years ago who told me he came over from Acuna in 1963 at the urging from those who kept... [Read More]
When is a "White- Lie" not love? When Whitehouse Communications Director Hope Hicks turns it into a big fat lie denying there was a no... [Read More]
I will start out with a short follow up to my Feb. 20 letter about "natural disasters, and why God allows them to happen." I... [Read More]