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But many of the regulatory rollbacks that began during Trump EPA chief Scott Pruitt's tenure — auto emissions, farm pesticides, mining cleanup — worry environmental... [Read More]
When Debbie Bowerman went to see a movie recently with her husband and teenage daughter, they settled into their seats, and she scanned for the... [Read More]
In work meetings, DJ Tischner used to sit anywhere. Now he finds a chair near the door. At restaurants, the 26-year-old puts his back against... [Read More]
Everyone seems to have the same question about Utah's suicide rate: Why is it so high? The answer remains elusive and complex. But a new... [Read More]
The LDS Church on Friday released a memo describing what it views as "legal issues" surrounding a ballot initiative in support of medical marijuana in... [Read More]
The Utah Department of Health is hosting a pair of public hearings on the state's plan to extend Medicaid coverage to as many as 90,000... [Read More]
The Utah Department of Health is hosting a pair of public hearings on the state's plan to extend Medicaid coverage to as many as 90,000... [Read More]
Utah was one of 17 states that saw the ranks of uninsured residents swell last year, a new poll has found — the first such... [Read More]
Intermountain Healthcare wants to tap powerful medical secrets that might be hidden in your DNA, even if you're not a patient. The Utah-based health care... [Read More]
University of Utah researchers are about to start a $740,000 research project examining precisely how compounds in marijuana affect the human brain. The two-year study... [Read More]
Recent years have seen Utahns' monthly premiums and deductibles on their employer-backed insurance plans climb dramatically, a new report says. Premiums leapt by at least... [Read More]
Provo officials were at least somewhat concerned about a stop in John King's career before he took over as the city's police chief in late... [Read More]
Provo's municipal government on Thursday responded to a lawsuit alleging it did nothing to prevent sexual harassment against by former Police Chief John King and... [Read More]
Health officials say recent customers of an Edible Arrangements store in Murray may have been exposed to hepatitis A. Those who ate fruit baskets or... [Read More]
The federal officials who came to learn about Utah's deadly opioid crisis on Wednesday belong to a seemingly surprising agency: The U.S. Department of Agriculture.... [Read More]
The LDS Church on Tuesday came out against a ballot initiative that would legalize medical marijuana in Utah, a move that followed similar opposition by... [Read More]
both men and women... [Read More]
When you visit a mother to learn about her child's suicide, expect to stay awhile. Expect to be asked if you want to visit his... [Read More]
When Herriman High School Principal James Birch heard about the first student suicide last summer, he immediately thought of his own two teenagers and sat... [Read More]
Two Salt Lake County residents have died from complications due to hepatitis A in the first deaths in Utah since an outbreak began last summer,... [Read More]