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Author Pat Conroy famously wrote these words in her 1986 novel, Prince of Tides: "My wound is geography. It is also my anchorage, my port... [Read More]
Lynne Nemeth is Executive Director of The Arboretum at Flagstaff. To reach her with comments or ideas, please email [Read More]
As I was having my toast and tea this past Wednesday at the kitchen table, a northern flicker flew in to drink at our birdbath.... [Read More]
The leaves, what few we have here in Doney Park, are changing, the currants and three-leaf sumac brilliant red and the New Mexican olives pale... [Read More]
Monsoon is gone, we had our first hard frost at The Arboretum, and the sumacs and maples there are turning red. Out here in Doney,... [Read More]
We've been braving the wind in Doney Park for 11 years now. We had hardly any neighbors when we first moved in, and were surrounded... [Read More]
My husband and I live in Doney Park, as many of you know, on two and one-half acres with lots of prairie dogs. I'm quite... [Read More]
I experienced a first last week. I opened the back door to go out to the barn, and it smelled like Pennsylvania. That wet, lush,... [Read More]
This time of year one of my favorite flowers is in bloom — Monarda fistulosa, commonly known as wild bergamot or bee balm. Every time... [Read More]
For the first time in my life, I saw an autumn buttercup in bloom, long delicate flower stalks holding brilliant yellow blossoms. The species, Ranunculus... [Read More]
We just returned from touring four great cities of northern Europe and, as always when I travel abroad, I am left enchanted, energized — and... [Read More]
I still remember the first time I ate rhubarb. I was around 10 years old and we were visiting my Uncle Al and Aunt Frances... [Read More]
It's monsoon season, and arguably the best time to plant in Flagstaff. It certainly is in Doney Park, where May and June can be punishingly... [Read More]
My property in Doney Park hosts a healthy population of critters — prairie dogs, pocket gophers, desert cottontails and tiny (very cute) spotted ground squirrels... [Read More]
My mother, who was a gifted gardener, had a huge vegetable garden that she tended for hours every day. We lived in a gardening haven... [Read More]
are honey bees... [Read More]
In spite of all the press—and all the efforts of gardeners across the US—the latest news about monarch butterflies is not encouraging. An article published... [Read More]