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TripAdviser is being investigated after users notified the Federal Trade Commission that reviews of dangerous establishments were deleted. [Read More]
After Australia legalized gay marriage last week, politician Bob Katter dodged the subject, and said he wanted to focus on deaths caused by crocodiles. [Read More]
Bob Katter has more important things than same-sex marriage to worry about … like crocodiles killing people every three months. [Read More]
The Georgia Dome in Atlanta, which was demolished today, is no more — but if you tried to watch this morning's implosion via the Weather... [Read More]
The incident allegedly took place in Arizona last year. [Read More]
Just a big old phallus among the clouds. [Read More]
The war on Christmas started early this year. [Read More]
Just call him Jeff the Pillsbury Doughbezos. [Read More]
Earlier this week, the Martinez twins parted ways with Paul over his alleged bad behavior. [Read More]
Laura Loomer, Richard Spencer, and Jason Kessler have all lost their blue check marks. [Read More]
In-N-Out customers are not sympathetic to Baked Alaska's complaints about being banned from Twitter. [Read More]
The president's thirst is real. [Read More]
There really aren't words. [Read More]
The ex—Uber engineer believes technology is something that should be worshipped. [Read More]
Police found nine dismembered bodies in a home outside of Tokyo, Japan, earlier this fall. [Read More]
Some riders have reportedly paid twice as much as they should have as a result. [Read More]
If you're looking to downgrade your selfie game, MakeApp is for you. [Read More]
Apple promised Face ID was twice as secure as Touch ID. But is it? [Read More]
Another grossly gendered anecdote from the tech world. [Read More]
Spanish brothers Emilio and Ivan Martinez called out Paul over the weekend. [Read More]