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'This is a government that is weak and unstable and becoming more weak and unstable with every day that passes." Thus Nicola Sturgeon, describing Theresa... [Read More]
The Salmond affair calls into question Nicola Sturgeon's leadership, and her judgment. For most of her time in office the first minister's public image has... [Read More]
Farewell, Andy. You leave a huge gap in our lives (Magnus Linklater writes). We will miss the ecstasy of those victories, the agonies of the... [Read More]
I was given a jolt as I went through passport control at Toulouse airport a fortnight ago. This, I realised, was the last time that... [Read More]
What makes writers Scottish? Is it where they live, what they write about, whether their subjects or characters are sufficiently Scottish, or is it just... [Read More]
The Scottish writer William Boyd says that he will consider taking up French citizenship if Britain leaves Europe without a deal. Boyd, 66, said that... [Read More]
Does the "Bilbao effect" exist? Dundee's investment in its V&A project, along with its ambitious £1 billion waterfront development, leans heavily on the idea that... [Read More]
When Nicola Sturgeon talks about welcoming more immigrants to Scotland she seems to be thinking about Indian doctors, nurses from Australia, Chinese restaurateurs, Polish plumbers... [Read More]
Bold ideas depend not just on a lightbulb moment, but on the ability to pursue them when all seems lost. Three years ago Dundee's ambition... [Read More]
Scotland will break away from the UK and vote for independence if Britain crashes out of the EU with no deal, according to the exiled... [Read More]
You do not have to be a huge fan of Alex Salmond to question the process by which he has been judged. Whether the accusations... [Read More]
Scotland's chief prosecutor is to recruit up to 140 additional staff to deal with an "unprecedented" increase in sexual offences. The lord advocate, James Wolffe,... [Read More]
You usually judge the success of a concert by the applause — muted or thunderous. On Friday night in the Usher Hall, it was pretty... [Read More]
A cheese company has been forced to lay off its last two staff even though it had been cleared by a sheriff of breaching hygiene... [Read More]
A new series on BBC Radio 4 is titled How to Disagree: A Beginner's Guide to Having Better Arguments. I might tune in and learn... [Read More]
One is a play about a love affair between two male soldiers while a second is described as "a camp and humorous musical dance performance".Then... [Read More]
It must count as one of the more bizarre episodes in the history of the Scottish judiciary — an attempt to stem a flow of... [Read More]
On the day after the EU referendum, I met my friend Nick Phillipson in the street outside our Edinburgh home. He looked haggard. "For the... [Read More]
Universities cannot close the attainment gap preventing poorer pupils from progressing to higher education unless the Scottish government works to improve standards in schools, a... [Read More]
It was a challenge that few university heads in Britain have ever had to encounter. In March this year Sally Mapstone, principal of St Andrews,... [Read More]