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On Monday, Farhad Javid will meet with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his wife, Rula Ghani, to ask if he will order the release of... [Read More]
The photos avoid war, destruction and poverty — and instead focus on the beauty and resilience of people who leave home in search of a... [Read More]
A few months ago, Chris Junior Anaekwe went viral for getting teens to cleaning dirty gutters in his hometown in Nigeria. How is his anti-trash... [Read More]
A health worker who spent time in Pakistan talks about the medical content of the blockbuster film. [Read More]
Fallout, which was released in theaters on July 27. She watched the film in London a few weeks ago. "I love Tom Cruise... [Read More]
Cedric Habiyaremye wanted to bring the popular crop to his homeland. Is it working? [Read More]
Photographer Tomas Ayuso captures the plight of Honduran youth struggling to survive in a violent country — and thinking about fleeing to stay alive. [Read More]
A group called Translators Without Borders is developing a glossary to help humanitarian workers in Bangladesh communicate with Rohingya refugees. [Read More]
A selection of the winning photos from the 2018 iPhone Photography Awards contest. [Read More]
Like millions of global citizens, Abraham Leno has been riveted by the story of the 12 boys and their soccer coach trapped in a cave... [Read More]
The world was riveted by the 12 soccer team members trapped in a cave in Thailand. But there are many youngsters who are struggling to... [Read More]
Ruben Malayan, a lean, goateed artist, is teaching kids and visitors at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C., to write the letter "A" in... [Read More]
We asked NPR readers to share what they wished they'd known before becoming parents. More than 1,000 moms and dads sent in their stories. [Read More]
The world gave a record amount of money to help people caught up in international crises. We've got ten questions so you can test your... [Read More]
"Forget all your worries and let's party." It's an irresistible command from a 10-year-old girl standing on a box behind a DJ booth, tapping... [Read More]
Everyone has an opinion about the big logos slapped on humanitarian handouts, from bags of food to temporary toilets. Are they helpful? Or do they... [Read More]
Data analysis from UNICEF and the World Policy Analysis Center breaks down paid paternity leave by country — and finds the U.S. is a global... [Read More]
In his new book, Pablo Yanguas argues that fudged numbers, shallow aid projects and politics have created a dysfunctional aid system. [Read More]
Editor's note: This is an updated version of a story that originally ran on May 25, 2017. May 25 is Red Nose Day in... [Read More]
Kanye West, who can never resist a Twitter controversy, sent out a seemingly bland tweet to his 28 million followers on Monday. His tweet about... [Read More]