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There have been 21 accidental overdoses in Anderson County this year. [Read More]
The problem of drugs and overdoses have two unlikely people coming together: United Way of Anderson County CEO Carol Burdette and Anderson County Coroner Greg... [Read More]
Officials say one of the main dangers facing hunters isn't always from guns, but deer stands... [Read More]
Justice Sotomayor talks law, gives inspirational message to students... [Read More]
Mountain Rest Cafe helping those who lost power after Tropical Storm Irma... [Read More]
Experts say homeowners should protect the places inside where walls are weakest... [Read More]
Alice Dorn survived 2 category 5 hurricanes as a child. [Read More]
An Upstate mother hopes a new $7,000 reward will help bring justice and closure for the 1995 murder of her son. [Read More]
Officials spraying area for mosquitoes, offering tips on how to keep them away... [Read More]
Team includes 5 members of Anderson Fire Department's Upstate Incident Management Team... [Read More]
Some students are unhappy with the current process of how tickets are assigned. [Read More]
The Lamar University volleyball team was stuck in South Carolina, unable to return home to Houston. [Read More]
A Medshore Ambulance Service crew of 20 drove 10 ambulances 21 hours from Anderson to San Antonio, Texas, to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. [Read More]
In light of the deadly hostage situation in Charleston, WYFF News 4 talked to an Upstate hostage negotiator about the tough job they face. [Read More]
Six hikers have died this year so far in the Carolinas. [Read More]
Clemson students gather for the 2nd annual unity event as classes get underway. [Read More]
Thousands pack in by the Watt Family Center at Clemson. [Read More]
Students return to campus, championship celebrations planned during weekend before the eclipse... [Read More]
Terror attack in Spain happened right outside the hotel where the Clemson Basketball team was staying... [Read More]
Anderson County officials are preparing for the largest tourist event in county history on Monday. [Read More]