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About 30 truck drivers in Enfield will be allowed to vote at the end of this month on whether they want to join Teamsters Local 671. The drivers, who... [Read More]
Connecticut ended 2016 with fewer jobs than it had at the beginning of the year, the first time that's happened since 2009. There were 2,000 fewer jobs at t... [Read More]
MetroHartford Alliance, which sponsored Wednesday's Insurance and Financial Services Career Fair, hopes that college students like Justin Schaffer end up s... [Read More]
After two bouts of chemotherapy, Michel Gueret faced another round of treatment for his lung cancer, which... [Read More]
Kerry Ross could have gone somewhere else on Christmas besides a charity lunch in Hartford's Parkville neighborhood. In fact, Ross, 61, said he probab... [Read More]
Fire Chief Paul Januszewski reports that the North Haven Fire Department responded to a serious motor vehicle crash on Sunday morning which resulted in injuries to four people, three children and their mother.... [Read More]
A 36-year-old Waterbury man was killed Christmas morning when the car he was riding in spun out of control and hit a bridge abutment. L... [Read More]
A house at 71 Carriage Road in Bristol was significantly damaged in a fire reported just before 9:30 a.m. on Christmas Day, but police said none of the famil... [Read More]
More deaths, fewer births, more people moving out and fewer arriving in Connecticut has led to a population drop for the third year in a row, U.S. Census Bureau estimates show. More... [Read More]
Fewer state residents signed up for an Obamacare plan that will begin at the start of 2017 than for 2016, whi... [Read More]
A Wilton man who raised more than $580,000 by selling penny stocks over 10 years in a company that never sold a product has agreed to pay more than $770,000... [Read More]
As the future of Obamacare hangs in the balance, the chief medical officer for Hartford Healthcare says that... [Read More]
With thousands of employees due to retire over the next decade, the state should consider funding workforce development programs at local colleges, insuran... [Read More]
It used to be that Kirk MacNaughton was regularly able to build as many houses as he could on a plot of land under local zoning regulations, so long as he ha... [Read More]
Connecticut is the third-healthiest state in America, according to a recent report by America's Health Rankings, a program of the United Health Foundation. The spot is three higher than last year. Hawaii... [Read More]
Calls and visits to Access Health CT and ConnectiCare surged this week as the Obamacare deadline approached. Those wanting to be covered by a health insurance plan Jan. 1 will have to sign... [Read More]
In order for re-entry programs for convicted felons to succeed employers must be willing to hire former prisoners... [Read More]
The highly unusual public airing of infighting between Cigna and Anthem is one more lever the government is... [Read More]
In a long career of sharing his passion for films with Connecticut audiences, one moment stands out for Arnold Gorlick. Madison Art Cinemas, the two-screen movie theater Gorlick opened 17 years ago... [Read More]
Christmas carols from the choir, check. Hot cocoa, check. Santa with real white beard, naturally. Fifteen-foot tall monkeys in Santa Hats? [Read More]