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Getting Valentine's Day candy a day later usually is about giving chocolate and nothing more. [Read More]
Someone at campaign central came up with this intrusive idea that is one significant step more noxious than robocalling. [Read More]
Alex Reimer, a sports radio personality who is a regular on a daily sports talk show called "Kirk & Callahan," referred to Brady's 5-year-old daughter... [Read More]
Sometimes things are fine the way there. [Read More]
Diamond announced his retirement from touring after having been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. [Read More]
Caldo made with love often is a magical cure. [Read More]
The "Star Wars" films are a novela set in another galaxy. [Read More]
There are people out there that are probably better suited for the task who are not nearly as popular because, well, they're not our friends. [Read More]
San Antonio could use some history lessons about the places that made life special for many residents. [Read More]
According to NBC, Hoda Kotb and "Today" co-anchor Savannah Guthrie have been earning higher total viewer numbers than the competition. [Read More]
New Year's resolutions and how we try to achieve them are personal. [Read More]
You know that guy who tells viewers that the preceding announcement was paid for by so-and-so? He does so because there are federal mandates that... [Read More]
More taxing than a taffy pull and less arduous than butchering day, the tamalada brings us together to talk and laugh while we work. [Read More]
President Reagan put it quite simply: Trust but verify. We trust that what we're told is true, but it really is up to us to... [Read More]
It was as if the people who had previously been cast as gangsters, gardners and maids - and pretend not to be offended, because some... [Read More]
Hollywood's depiction of those with Mexican heritage isn't often done well, but this Disney/Pixar movie is a notable exception. [Read More]
Modern Americans should have been learning about how WWI Americans were able to get messages past the Germans because the information was transmitted by Cherokee... [Read More]
At the time, Manson was the ultimate boogeyman, much worse than El Cucuy or La Llorona. [Read More]
When we remember to bring the love, the kindness and gratitude with the turkey on Thanksgiving, we can put aside differences and come together in... [Read More]
When something becomes normal, it's easy to ignore, even easy to justify. [Read More]