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President Donald Trump has deployed tear gas, military helicopters and miles of razor wire to stop migrant caravans from entering the United States. It took... [Read More]
"Let it be a real court. Let it be real judges," the head of the group said. [Read More]
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is aggressively lobbying for an additional $1 billion to boost deportations to their highest levels yet under President Donald Trump,... [Read More]
Officials say that next year they will expel the most immigrants yet under the current administration. [Read More]
Trump administration wants to bypass rules setting time limits. [Read More]
The Trump administration took the first official step Thursday toward withdrawing from a court agreement limiting the government's ability to hold minors in immigration jails,... [Read More]
Proposals will almost certainly face opposition in court, where attempts to extend child detention have previously been rejected... [Read More]
The Trump administration said Thursday it is preparing to circumvent limits on the government's ability to hold minors in immigration jails by withdrawing from the... [Read More]
Twenty-two of the children are younger than 5 and most have parents who have been deported. [Read More]
Problems reaching and vetting parents, along with multiple legal challenges, are slowing efforts to reunify families. Advocates and government officials say it could take weeks,... [Read More]
FCCNN Lawyers are cold-calling phone numbers in far-flung Central American villages, and enlisting church pastors and schoolteachers to help. They are spreading the word on... [Read More]
Trouble reaching and vetting parents, along with multiple legal challenges, are slowing efforts to reunify families. [Read More]
Mariee Juárez was hospitalized after leaving the family detention center in Dilley, Tex., and died six weeks later. [Read More]
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Border-crossing parents who were ordered deported from the country are pleading for a day in court, saying they did not qualify for one in initial... [Read More]
Inside America's largest immigration jail - where women and children can take yoga and Zumba classes while fighting speedy expulsion from the United States -... [Read More]
Fresh from a legal victory that forced the Trump administration to reunite families it had separated at the border, the American Civil Liberties Union filed... [Read More]
ICE said it was unable to investigate the alleged death without the toddler's name or other info, but denied that any child died while in... [Read More]
The American Immigration Lawyers Association said Wednesday that a migrant toddler died soon after being released from a detention center in Texas. [Read More]
"Zero-tolerance" policy violated children's rights, lawsuit says, and curtailed their opportunity to win U.S. protection. [Read More]