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College students wrestle with what it means to be Catholic when they feel angered by the church. [Read More]
Macron was speaking about child brides in Africa, but drew backlash from Americans. [Read More]
The French president was speaking about child brides in Africa, but his remark drew backlash from Americans. [Read More]
The district has been paying private companies to transport students while district-owned buses sit unused. [Read More]
The Kenilworth ordinance bans salespeople from approaching homes where residents don't want to be bothered. [Read More]
Temperatures will be in the 90s Saturday and will approach 100 degrees on Sunday. [Read More]
The vehicles were purchased without the knowledge of the Roselle superintendent or the school board, prompting a state investigation. [Read More]
Gov. Phil Muphy, however, seemed a little unclear about pork roll vs. Taylor ham. [Read More]
Pedro Abad is serving prison time after the crash that killed two people and critically injured another. [Read More]
The exhibit asking people to imagine "a world without gun violence" was surrounded by crime scene tape the next day. [Read More]
The tuxedo, made of 29 rolls of duct tape, could help send a Brick student to college. [Read More]
They're scampering down sidewalks, running across streets and hiding out in garbage cans. [Read More]
Jamesburg students are staying home today while the whole borough makes do with limited water. [Read More]
A box truck on Friday struck a guardrail and overturned, trapping the driver and a passenger. [Read More]
Could a part of the D&L Trail eventually become the Lehigh Valley's version of the San Antonio Riverwalk? [Read More]
The Warren Glen Dam on New Jersey's Musconetcong River will be the most costly yet to remove. [Read More]
The temporary space will offer a place for pedestrians to sit, stand or soak in some sun while exploring downtown. [Read More]
Roselle's superintendent will return to his old stomping grounds. [Read More]
For Newark kids, 20 new soccer pitches will create a safe place to play. [Read More]
The probes come as three employees in the central office have stepped down or been fired this year. [Read More]