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Tuesday, September 11, 2018 at 07:26 AM
ESPN's Maria Taylor on Nick Saban interview: "It didn't really affect me in that way. I understand that at times coaches get heated, and there... [Read More]
South Alabama's Deonta Moore on playing Oklahoma State: "Playing at South, we always have a chip on our shoulder when it comes to playing big... [Read More]
SEC on CBS analyst Gary Danielson: "I thought they would figure out a way to utilize Jalen (Hurts) as a backup in an emergency... [Read More]
SEC on CBS analyst on Gus Malzahn's Auburn team: "There is no mistaken that Auburn has built up their squad's talent almost to the level... [Read More]
Brandon Kennedy, the Tennessee center from Wetumpka, broke his leg in 2017 as a member of the Alabama team. [Read More]
Ed Orgeron on injuries against Miami:... [Read More]
ESPN's Mark Jones on Washington: "Washington Huskies took one on the chin. Where's Montana?" [Read More]
Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy: "They're an athletic group. It's really interesting when you have to tune in to playing a team like this that has... [Read More]
South Alabama coach Steve Campbell on QB rotation against Oklahoma State: "(The guy who can) get the ball to the perimeter, get the ball to... [Read More]
Nick Saban turned to Tua Tagovailoa to start in Alabama's 51-7 win over Louisville and here who predicted the move. [Read More]
Alabama coach Nick Saban irritated coming off the field with QB question from Maria Taylor: "So why do you continually try to get me to... [Read More]
Up 34-0, Nick Saban was still coaching, jumping all over Christian Miller, who could do nothing but sit there and take it. [Read More]
The Broncos are calling their defense the Kings of Chaos. [Read More]
Tua Tagovailoa took Alabama's offense on a seven-play, 65-yard drive and capped it with a 11-yard strike to Jerry Jeudy after a spin move to... [Read More]
The text, in part, read: "FAU just beat #7 ranked OU on their home field. Let's celebrate by helping more athletes." [Read More]
Eleven years after stunning Michigan, Appalachian State stuns No. 10 Penn State. [Read More]
Eleven years after stunning Michigan, Appalachian State stuns No. 10 Penn State. [Read More]
Last month, a number of Florida players were facing disciplinary action for an on-campus confrontation with a "gambler" that involved airsoft guns and lying to... [Read More]
Orlando-based lawyer on flying banner over Alabama-Louisville game, highlighting UCF's co-national title: "Just about everything in my life is UCF." [Read More]
It was a tough day for Lane Kiffin as Oklahoma led 42-0 at halftime -- the most points the Sooners have scored in a first... [Read More]