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Remains unclear what caused officer in question to fire his weapon. [Read More]
Alberto Gonzales said he found "fault" with both Comey and Sessions. [Read More]
Former Rep. Bob Inglis (R-S.C.) told Ryan to "pursue the Russia investigation with vigor." [Read More]
The pair are appearing in an upcoming Independence Day documentary. [Read More]
It would be great to get back to the business of governing, he says... [Read More]
"The Comey testimony today makes that crystal clear," Nick Ackerman said. [Read More]
Corey Lewandowski and Savannah Guthrie spar over former FBI Director James Comey. [Read More]
"I am delighted to see Labour do so well," he said of Corbyn's party. [Read More]
"More sleep might be a solution for him," she said. [Read More]
Over half of likely voters support Ossoff in the nationally-watched race. [Read More]
Corbyn said that May had a mandate in "lost support and lost confidence." [Read More]
House Democrats were reportedly scrutinizing Trump's potential financial ties to Russia. [Read More]
"That will end this discussion," he said. [Read More]
Reality Winner has pleaded not guilty to leaking top-secret information. [Read More]
Comey testified Thursday that the FBI expected Sessions to recuse himself from the Russia investigation. [Read More]
The meeting will reportedly occur in mid-June. [Read More]
Gianforte is charged with misdemeanor assault of a reporter. [Read More]
"They've got to get some adults who know what they're doing," she said. [Read More]
Perez added that Trump is "likely under investigation for obstruction of justice." [Read More]
"Nobody thinks more of James Comey than James Comey," Ronna Romney McDaniel said. [Read More]