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Marillyn Hewson also reiterated her company would lower the cost of its F-35 jet program. [Read More]
Brian Fallon added there were "new developments" daily undermining Trump's credibility. [Read More]
"Hopefully Donald Trump is a good president," he said. [Read More]
"I just don't feel comfortable that he would protect all Americans' rights," he said. [Read More]
The Journal added President-elect Donald Trump should fire James Comey if he will not resign. [Read More]
Krauthammer said Trump's "chronic indiscipline" is hurting his image before his inauguration. [Read More]
Jehmu Greene is also a Democratic political commentator and media strategist. [Read More]
"I want them to be themselves," he tweeted. [Read More]
Chaffetz added he would subpoena the federal ethics official if need be. [Read More]
Trump added the FBI had been "very nice" to Clinton. [Read More]
Gingrich added CNN's Jim Acosta "needs to be benched for a couple of weeks." [Read More]
"That was just really unfair," he said. [Read More]
Biden said he and President Obama were briefed in case the dossier became public. [Read More]
Navarro said Pope Francis should "canonize" Cooper for his handling of the clash. [Read More]
Nearly half say Obama will be recalled as either "outstanding" or "above average." [Read More]
Charlie Brotman, 89, will commentate on the inauguration for NBC's Washington, D.C. affiliate. [Read More]
Soros misread the market's mood by predicting stocks would fall after Trump's win. [Read More]
"The actual elements one by one are quite popular," Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) said. [Read More]
"It's a strange combination," he said. [Read More]
Trump called the unverified report about his ties with Russia "false and fictitious." [Read More]