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Supernatural beings repeatedly attack the heroes of "The Monkey King 3," but love, not war, is the principal threat in this CGI-heavy Chinese adventure. ... [Read More]
The heroine of Double Lover suffers chronic abdominal pain, but an exceptionally revealing trip to the gynecologist indicates no physical cause. Perhaps it's all in... [Read More]
Terence Nicholson's memoir takes takes the shape of a series of assemblages. [Read More]
In this CGI-driven adaptation of Beatrix Potter's children's tale, violent slapstick and obnoxious behavior replace the gentle whimsy of the books. [Read More]
In director Kiyoshi Kurosawa's leisurely, genre-blending film, three advance scouts for an alien invasion go undercover to understand human concepts like work, self, family and... [Read More]
The chain-smoking, beer-swilling protagonist of A Ciambra is a one-man crime wave. When his father and older brother are arrested, Pio takes responsibility for supporting... [Read More]
In "How I Got Over," Adrienne Gaither uses abstract hues to convey a personal journey. [Read More]
During his fourth attempt on a dicey Chinese peak called Nyambo Konka, Mark Jenkins examines the rewards and personal costs of a risk-defying career. [Read More]
Greg Barker's film favors candid emotional moments over a meaningful examination of how key policy initiatives were shaped in the closing months of the Obama... [Read More]
Filmmaker Hova Kohav Beller's documentary focuses on an 2007 encounter session between young Israelis and Palestinians that yields few insights, but starkly illustrates the impasse... [Read More]
Diane Kruger won Best Actress at Cannes for her performance as a woman struggling in the aftermath of tragedy. [Read More]
VisArts' Kaplan Gallery displays Rachel Schmidt's "Shadow Builders." [Read More]
Jared Moshe, the writer and director of The Ballad of Lefty Brown, is a fan of classic Westerns and he's made a movie that should... [Read More]
The team behind "The Thousand Faces of Dunjia" - director Yuen Wo Ping and writer-producer Tsui Hark - have decades of experience in Hong Kong... [Read More]
The fictional military performance troupe at the center of the Chinese film "Youth" edu-tains soldiers and peasants with songs extolling "red hearts and iron wills."... [Read More]
Director Sacha Gervasi's adaptation of a 2010 novel about a student (Ansel Elgort) investigating his classmate's murder features a great cast, but this "sketch of... [Read More]
The elegant alt-rockers embrace a dirtier sound at the Anthem. [Read More]
Finnish writer/director Ali Kaurismaki follows up his 2011 film The Havre with a darker, but still comic, variation on a similar theme — a character... [Read More]
With its jazz-funk score and trust-no-one scenario, "The Swindlers" is an entertaining if mostly routine con-game thriller. Except that director Jang Chang-won depicts a scandal... [Read More]
Frank Hallam Day and Anne Rowland will discuss their commissioned projects Tuesday. [Read More]