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"The trade war is not going to help Trump in the election — it can only cause worse things," warned one economist. [Read More]
Amazon sells many "basic" products under the AmazonBasics brand label, like batteries and cords. But it also sells motor oil and tents. [Read More]
Furniture dealers have been trying to take advantage of augmented reality technology in ads to attract more customers. [Read More]
Ten years ago, banking giant Lehman went bankrupt, triggering a market crash and a recession. Could it happen again? [Read More]
What shoe brands are best for foot pain? And what shoes are both comfortable and cheap? Skechers and Birkenstocks are highly recommended. [Read More]
Nike sales jumped by 31 percent after debuting quarterback-turned-activist Colin Kaepernick as a new company spokesman. [Read More]
A recent poll found a 10 percent increase in the number of Nike customers versus the general public who say a company should take a... [Read More]
Unemployment is so low that companies are running out of people to hire — so they poach from competitors, which drives up wages. [Read More]
In a new survey, 72 percent said they would stop buying U.S.-made goods in the event of a trade war, and 73 percent said they... [Read More]
Target, Macy's, Walmart, and other stores have huge Labor Day 2018 sales right now. Here are the best deals on mattresses and furniture. [Read More]
Labor Day sales have arrived. But how can you separate the best deals from fake news? Here's what to buy over Labor Day 2018 weekend. [Read More] has a new collection, the Premium Outdoor Store by Moosejaw. It's full of quality items, but prices and availability are poor. [Read More]
The trade war with China shows no signs of cooling down. [Read More]
Trump said Thursday that if he were to get impeached, "the market would crash." In reality, Americans shouldn't worry about the health of their 401(k). [Read More]
"There's a very strong argument that the markets would be more stable under Pence than they would be under Trump," said one analyst. [Read More]
Food bloggers swear that you can find essential kitchen supplies by looking in the office section of Amazon. Here are their favorites. [Read More]
Economists warn that President Trump's stimulative effects are unlikely to be sustainable over the long haul. [Read More]
"It's the razor and blade system," said one analyst. "This plays very, very well to the way millennials and Gen Z are thinking and buying... [Read More]
President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that he is floating the idea of allowing companies to report their results just twice a year. Investor reaction was... [Read More]
Americans are in shop-til-you-drop mode, but analysts say retailers who won't, or can't, invest in their business will miss out on the largesse. [Read More]