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Yes, Alex, we lost our republic in 2020, the year Trump got re-elected. Voters preferred an authoritarian government. Or else they didn't care.On May 16,... [Read More]
At the May 9 Walla Walla City Council meeting, protesters accused Councilwoman Yazmin Bahena of disrespect for not saluting the flag during the Pledge of... [Read More]
Despite the presence of Stoneman Douglas High School students in the gallery on Feb. 20. the Florida House rejected a motion to consider a ban... [Read More]
Want to know why President Trump backed out of the bipartisan deal that would have allowed 689,000 recipients of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)... [Read More]
As spokesman for Congressmen Obsessively Worried About Reelection Defeat Someday (COWARDS), I'll respond to Sen. Bob Corker's claim that nearly all Senate Republicans share his... [Read More]
Sam Grant got it right.I once bumped into him outside a government office. I griped about an agency employee. (To clue in city folks, that's... [Read More]
Cathy McMorris Rodgers' May 5 column in the U-B was titled, "My son's pre-existing condition is a reason I voted for the AHCA."Her son has... [Read More]
On Aug. 8 I fell down a rabbit hole. I asked a white rabbit wearing a top hat why he was walking backward. [Read More]
Last night my neighbor Zeke said, "I hear you evangelicals like Trump." [Read More]
On the television screen I watch a redheaded egomaniac unleash his rage at Muslims and imply that our president sympathizes with terrorists. A June 14... [Read More]