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The actor said that he regretted how he acted on the set of I'm Still Here, talked about the #MeToo movement, and addressed his decision... [Read More]
The love story between Chloe Sevigny's Lizzie Borden Kristen Stewart's housemaid adds an extra layer to the infamous ax murders in the new film. [Read More]
Illinois state legislator Nick Sauer resigned after the revelations. [Read More]
Huge changes could be coming for Australian Catholics. [Read More]
Cockburn says the Instagram account of Republican Denver Riggleman is disturbing. [Read More]
Seth Owen endured "conversion therapy" and homelessness to rise to the top of the class. Now he needs some help with his college tuition. [Read More]
After intially ruling the death of Gemmel Moore an accidental, self-administered overdose, prosecutors are reviewing whether Moore's death wasn't accidental — or self-inflicted. [Read More]
LGBT groups have not been standing still since a House committee voted an anti-LGBT amendment into a bill this week. [Read More]
The True Colors Fund and the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty ranked how states address youth homelessness. See which came out on top... [Read More]
Transmission rates have quintupled among gay and bi men, according to a frightening new report. [Read More]
Victorian Senator Janet Rice shared the story of a boy who had been traumatized with attempts to turn him straight. [Read More]
Cuba Libre ejected Charlotte Clymer for using a restroom that corresponded with her gender identity. But she fought back. [Read More]
An HRC survey found that LGBT workers fear that coming out would damage their relationships with coworkers. [Read More]
Joy quickly turned to fear at the Kakuma Refugee Camp. [Read More]
Trenton hopes Reed Gusciora can change its reputation. [Read More]
The students sang the Rent standard in honor of their drama teacher, who helped protect students during the mass shooting. [Read More]
Wreck-It Ralph 2 and The Lego Movie 2 make bad jokes about how their female characters are sidelined. [Read More]