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What you don't know can hurt you, especially in an interview. Here are five mistakes that can derail your candidacy.1. Poor self-marketing. This mistake can... [Read More]
The recruitment process remains a mystery to many job seekers. How do recruiters choose which candidates to interview? Where do they find them? How can... [Read More]
It should come as no surprise that LinkedIn continues to be a key source of qualified candidates for recruiters. Other than a company's Applicant Tracking... [Read More]
LinkedIn has unveiled the site's first major revamp since being purchased by Microsoft last year, and boy, does it look different! Although I am a... [Read More]
At a recent Watermark ( sponsored leadership presentation, Ching Valderzco, ExecComm director, shared her negotiating expertise with a mostly female crowd in San Francisco's financial... [Read More]
In honor of Women's History month, I recently attended a presentation by Dr. Karen McNeill about Julia Morgan, one of the first female architects in... [Read More]
Earlier this year I was invited to attend Seaside Middle School's campaign awareness night by an eighth-grade student. Curious to learn more, I emailed the... [Read More]
A few years back I asked a gardener friend about the best time to plant fruit trees. His response: "Ten years ago." And then he... [Read More]
I am still on a high from attending the Watermark Conference for Women (#WatermarkConf), held Feb. 1 at the San Jose Convention Center. I had... [Read More]
Happy New Year! Every year brings new opportunities and challenges.While each of us would like the perfect year — one in which we exceed our... [Read More]
This year for a variety of reasons I decided to sign up for a shift of bell ringing with the Salvation Army. What cinched the... [Read More]
December is a time when many of us take stock of ourselves, reflect on the previous year and pause to express our appreciation to our... [Read More]
Timing can be a key factor when asking for a raise. Here are five excellent opportunities to ask for a raise.The first obvious opportunity is... [Read More]
The end of the year is in sight and the New Year is just around the corner. Like many of you, I have a list... [Read More]
Are you playing full on? That's a question I ask myself throughout the year. I wish that I could say that the answer is always... [Read More]
Ever wondered what you are really good at? I have. One way to discover your strengths and turn them into a satisfying career is through... [Read More]
Regardless of whether you are launching your career, eyeing a promotion or re-entering the job market, you hold the keys to your success. Technical skills... [Read More]
Last week as I was wrapping up a three-month coaching project with a client, he asked me to send him a "don't forget" list. Although... [Read More]
Nearly every client I work with laments the fact that he didn't keep better records of his achievements in previous years.While it is not impossible,... [Read More]
Many people fail to appreciate the nonmonetary benefits of negotiating. In addition to the obvious increase in current and future income (the money you negotiate... [Read More]