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Former L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa joined gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom at... [Read More]
By next year, more than a quarter of all Americans will live in states where they no longer have to fill out registration forms in... [Read More]
By Election Day 2018, almost of quarter of Americans will live in states where filling out voter registration postcards will be a thing of the... [Read More]
The wildfires in Southern California continue to grow, whipped by strong, hot Santa Ana winds. [Read More]
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Trump supporters are now looking ahead to their next move as they prepare to carry the president-elect's banner in deep-blue California. [Read More]
Despite assurances from California election officials, some Trump backers plan to monitor the polls on Election Day. Meanwhile, nonpartisan volunteers plan to be on the... [Read More]
If approved, California's elected officials would be instructed to try to overturn Citizens United. But because the measure is advisory, they're not legally mandated to... [Read More]
The bond measure that would raise billions for school construction has developers lined up against opponents, who include Gov. Jerry Brown. [Read More]
California's Secretary of State has until Friday to certify the primary results submitted by 58 counties. [Read More]
Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party nominee running for president, spoke at Politicon in Pasadena this weekend. [Read More]
As candidates and advocacy groups ramp up their get-out-the-vote efforts, it turns out one group could prove persuasive in Latino families. [Read More]
U.S. Senate candidate Loretta Sanchez is running behind frontrunner Kamala Harris and needs a big turnout to win, analysts say. Both are Democrats. [Read More]
Santa Clarita is one of only about 15 cities in Los Angeles County with more registered Republicans than Democrats, but a shift is underway. [Read More]
Decades after the 1965 riots, Watts remains a place dealing with poverty, unemployment and crime and where voting is simply not a part of many... [Read More]
Teachers spend a lot of their own cash on school supplies. But art teachers, with all kinds of special materials, can spend even more. [Read More]