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MESSY, WET NIGHT AHEAD:  This afternoon, periods of snow, especially across the north and west is expected. Areas east of the river, the snow takes... [Read More]
QUIET FRIDAY NIGHT: Clouds breakup a little during the afternoon briefly but they thicken late evening ahead of the next storm system. Temperatures slowly fall... [Read More]
LIGHT SNOW OVERNIGHT: Light snow becomes more widespread through the evening.  Temperatures hold steady in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. Overnight, the weak... [Read More]
YORK TOWNSHIP, Pa. –  Taite Tarsavage is MaryEllen Pann FOX43's Weather Kid today! Taite is in 7th Grade at Good Hope Middle School (Cumberland Valley School... [Read More]
DRY WITH BUILDING CLOUD COVER:  Expect clear skies this evening and more comfortable conditions. Temperatures fall out of the 70s into the 60s. Winds are... [Read More]
LESS HUMID AND DRIER:  Drier air works in helping lower humidity and clear skies through evening.  Temperatures drop from the 70s to the upper 60s... [Read More]
RAIN REMNANTS FROM FLORENCE:   Pockets of heavy rain and rumbles of thunder are possible this evening.  Temperatures hold steady in the lower to middle 70s. ... [Read More]
CLOUDS AND SPOTTY SHOWERS TO START SATURDAY THEN IMPROVING:   This evening expect the clouds to stay, and while a few spotty showers can't be ruled... [Read More]
GRAY, DRIZZLY WITH SPOTTY SHOWERS FRIDAY:  Expect this evening to remain mostly cloudy with a few spotty showers around. Temperatures stay in the 70s.  Overnight... [Read More]
STAYING UNSETTLED:  Flood warnings are still on-going through today.  A few spotty showers are possible through late afternoon and evening but nothing widespread or heavy... [Read More]
RAIN CHANCES DWINDLING FOR NOW:  A warm front is hung up to the south keeping an easterly onshore flow around. Clouds, fog and periods of... [Read More]
UNSETTLED PATTERN BEGINS:  Showers and thunderstorms are possible this evening.  There is a small chance one or two could become strong to severe and contain... [Read More]
YORK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -  Peyton Will is MaryEllen Pann FOX43's Weather Kid today! Peyton is a 5th grader at Trimmer Elementary School in the West... [Read More]
SHOWERS AND STORMS RETURN:  Expect a very warm evening, sticky too.  Temperatures drop out of the 90s into the 80s.  Overnight, skies become partly cloudy. ... [Read More]
HOT WEEK CONTINUES:  Strong ridge of high pressure continues to keep hot and humid conditions around.  While temperatures stay in the 80s this evening, it... [Read More]
HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL FRENZY FORECAST:  Light easterly wind keeps the clouds around.  Showers with a few rumbles this evening have the potential to produce locally... [Read More]
FRIDAY SHOWER THREAT:  Other than an isolated shower or thunderstorm, this evening is warm and humid.  Clouds thicken too.  Overnight, skies become overcast, and showers... [Read More]
TRANQUIL DAYS AHEAD:  The threat for showers continues into the evening.  Thunderstorms are possible too.  Some of the storms could be strong, perhaps severe but... [Read More]
SHOWERS & STORMS TUESDAY: Clouds are stubborn this evening however, it is dry.  Temperatures are cool in the 70s.  Morning lows drop to the 60s. ... [Read More]
WEEKEND OUTLOOK:  Thunderstorm threat continues through evening.  It is quite sticky and muggy. Plenty of moisture will help produce heavy downpours. Some of the thunderstorms... [Read More]