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Gov. Phil Murphy took to the airwaves to push Newark as an alternative for Amazon's HQ2 after the company announced it was pulling out plans... [Read More]
The chairman of the Port Authority accused Murphy's chief counsel of "a troubling trend of an overreach." Murphy blasts claims as "baseless." [Read More]
Murphy lost ground with independents and with voters who previously hadn't formed an opinion about him, according to a new poll. [Read More]
Murphy says the sheriff should resign. [Read More]
It's been a year since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, home to 3.3 million people. [Read More]
The sheriff is accused of being caught on tape making racist comments. Murphy wants him out. [Read More]
Phil Murphy really wants a $15 minimum wage bill passed this year. [Read More]
Some of New Jersey's top lawmakers are skipping this week's state Democratic Party convention in Atlantic City. [Read More]
Murphy's pro-union. He's now reached a deal with unions he says will save the state $500 million. [Read More]
It's designed to expand voter participation. Opponents say it'll spark confusion. [Read More]
According to the new book, Christie said the campaign was "over" after the Access Hollywood tape was released. [Read More]
Christie says what "Bob Woodward wrote about me in the book was profoundly wrong." [Read More]
Legal weed would get a boost from the public if it was tied to property tax relief. But that hasn't been part of the discussion... [Read More]
It's the second time in as many months Gov. Phil Murphy vetoed minutes of a group aligned with state Senate President Stephen Sweeney. [Read More]
"It is what it is and we're gonna make the best of it," Murphy said. [Read More]
Officials want to know if money used to pay Christie and a lawyer who represents Donald Trump was laundered from "one of the largest financial... [Read More]
People who braid hair without the necessary license run the risk of getting arrested, but that may change soon. [Read More]
The flags at the White House, which were lowered over the weekend to mark the McCain's death, appeared back at full-staff Monday. [Read More]
The top Assembly lawmaker aligned himself closer with the Senate president in what's likely to be the Legislature's next big battle with Gov. Phil Murphy. [Read More]
It's a bit of a mixed bag for Murphy. Voters are warming to him, but many think he can do better with mass transit. [Read More]