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Trump's safe choice for the high court has become the last thing he and the GOP needed so close to midterms, Matt Bai writes. [Read More]
Ten years ago last month, I wrote a long cover story for the New York Times Magazine titled: "Is Obama the End of Black Politics?"... [Read More]
President Trump's aides say it's their patriotic duty to remain on the job and protect the president from himself, even if that means stealing papers... [Read More]
The nation doesn't mourn John McCain because he was always right (he wasn't) or because he was the last of the war heroes (he isn't).... [Read More]
It's easy enough to highlight the superficial similarities between Trump's White House scandal and Watergate. But the more consequential parallel lies several levels deeper, in... [Read More]
Right now, at a time when Democrats are frantically searching for the anti-Trump, Bernie is starting to look strangely like a reverse image of the... [Read More]
In politics, as in life, your greatest strength always turns out to be your greatest weakness, and Giuliani's strength was always his relentlessness. [Read More]
Trump doesn't lie because he thinks the truth will be politically calamitous. He lies because he's pretty sure he can make you believe whatever he... [Read More]
It may not have been textbook treason for Trump to ally himself with a foreign despot against his own government. But that the question couldn't... [Read More]
If you make the case that America is wasting too much money to defend foreign borders, then you also ought to have an argument for... [Read More]
Some people have compared the disgraceful caging of children on the southern border to the internment of Japanese-Americans in 1942. But the internment was qualitatively... [Read More]
The Justice Department exists to enforce constitutional protections — none more than the right to free expression. And too many college presidents seem to have... [Read More]
What's the truth behind that strange aircraft spotted off the coast of San Diego in 2004? Go ahead and laugh. But in the age of... [Read More]
Judging from its jokes about black Americans and immigrants, "Roseanne" was aimed at culturally affronted white Americans who feel robbed of their heritage. So it... [Read More]
Mike Pence is busy building his own political operation. But close as he is to the presidency, his chances of ever getting the job fall... [Read More]
Despite what's said about her, Melania Trump isn't trapped. She's the most liberated person in her husband's entire dysfunctional orbit. Imagine what it could mean... [Read More]
The main problem with the White House Correspondents' Dinner isn't the ugly humor or the God-awful food. It's the display of vanity, pretension and tribalism... [Read More]
Trump's critics would argue that this moment must be met with extraordinary measures. The danger is that with each extraordinary measure they risk defining down... [Read More]
It'll be a long time before we see another presidential field populated solely by career politicians. But that's not something we should necessarily fear. [Read More]
Trying to shut down the special counsel and seize control of the Justice Department will be the thing that brings this entire Legoland of an... [Read More]