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The rest of the series will air on ESPN2 or ABC. [Read More]
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The made-up quotes are meant to divide WNBA and NBA colleagues. That's NOT the goal in the player's fight for a better wage. [Read More]
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Las Vegas will earn a top-4 pick in the 2019 draft, and that could be enough to put them in the playoff mix next season.... [Read More]
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Taurasi has eyes everywhere. Sometimes she decides she doesnt need to use them. Getting Diana Taurasi angry in a game of basketball is about the... [Read More]
The former MVP has never been in the title hunt. Now she, and a franchise that's never been to the Finals, are running towards unchartered... [Read More]
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The WNBA playoffs will be wildly competitive. Here is a case for each team to win it all. The WNBA played one of its most... [Read More]
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