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One of Connecticut's shoreline state parks will look a whole lot different by the time the next beach day comes around. [Read More]
Parents in West Haven said drivers are speeding past their children and sometimes even their buses. [Read More]
Billions of dollars a year. That's what a new study says how much of an economic impact the State Colleges and Universities System (CSCU), along... [Read More]
As a nationwide ground beef recall continues to grow, some of that meat made its way to Connecticut. [Read More]
A busy road in New Haven is closed for the ride home after a tractor trailer ended up in a lake. [Read More]
If you want some lettuce on your sandwich or a salad at dinner, you might have a hard time finding some. [Read More]
A white powder substance was found at a building in Meriden on Friday. [Read More]
Local sculptor Gar Waterman is turning guns into gardening tools. He and his crew quickly got to work on the first-of-its-kind project in Connecticut. [Read More]
The Elm City wants an answer from the Canadian firm tapped to develop the old New Haven coliseum site. [Read More]
Those who work resettling refugees here in our state, say President Trump and his administration are trying to change the way the country welcomes refugees. [Read More]
Quite an honor for a handful of Connecticut schools recognized as some of the nation's healthiest. [Read More]
The Pentagon's high-tech research agency laid the groundwork for the Internet, stealth aircraft and self-driving cars. Now, it's going big on artificial intelligence.. Get the... [Read More]
As commuters embrace two wheels, Uber and Lyft eye the scooter-share market... [Read More]
Lyft launched a fleet of electric scooters in Denver on Thursday, stepping squarely into the rapidly growing scooter-sharing market so far dominated by the likes... [Read More]
Lyft is launching scooters in Denver, signaling a new era for the ridesharing company. [Read More]
A golf course in a part of North Dakota locals call "Sili-drone Valley" believes it has a solution to declining membership at courses nationwide: Drone... [Read More]
Labor Day might be the unofficial end of summer, but you'd never know with Monday's weather. ... [Read More]
A new report released is highlighting a record number of sexual misconduct complaints at Yale. ... [Read More]
Thanks to a $160 million gift, Yale's Peabody Museum is going to undergo a renovation. [Read More]
Local governments can't help but warm up to the disruptive, hard-charging startups. [Read More]