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Boxing champion Jake LaMotta, widely known for actor Robert De Niro's portrayal of him in the film "Raging Bull" and his legendary rivalry with fellow... [Read More]
His tempestuous life was portrayed in an Oscar-winning performance by Robert De Niro. [Read More]
Nicknamed "The Brain," Mr. Heenan was a master of insult and bombast in promoting his villainous wrestling "heels." [Read More]
Mr. Michael, who drafted superstar Derek Jeter, had two stints as Yankees manager and general manager. [Read More]
Murray Lerner, a documentary filmmaker who captured key moments in the history of rock-and-roll, including Bob Dylan's first electrically amplified performance in 1965, and who... [Read More]
Sumiteru Taniguchi was one of several prominent hibakusha, or "atomic bomb-affected people," who spoke out about their suffering. [Read More]
Warning: Distressing images: Sumiteru Taniguchi, who never went a day without pain, has died of cancer. [Read More]
On Aug. 9, 1945, Sumiteru Taniguchi was delivering mail on his bicycle in Nagasaki, Japan. At 11:02 a.m., he noticed a rainbow-like flash and was... [Read More]
Sumiteru Taniguchi, who died at 88, spent almost two years on his stomach as his wounds healed. [Read More]
Shelley Berman, a Grammy Award-winning comedian whose nervous, fidgety style of humor influenced Jerry Seinfeld and other stand-up comics, and who had a late-career resurgence... [Read More]
The play is based on the life of Joseph Merrick, a 19th-century British man who spent years on display in a freak show. [Read More]
The Grammy-winning comic inspired younger comics and later acted in "Curb Your Enthusiasm." [Read More]
Mr. Pomerance's play captured the poignant humanity of a grotesquely deformed man. [Read More]
Villanova's 1985 upset of Georgetown for the men's NCAA championship, is sometimes called "the perfect game." [Read More]
The onetime journalist became the book writer for three of Broadway's longest-running musicals. [Read More]
Thomas Meehan, a onetime magazine writer who became a three-time Tony winner on Broadway, writing the plot and dialogue for the blockbuster hit musicals Annie,... [Read More]
Gunnar Birkerts, a modernist architect who created dozens of elegant, gleaming buildings around the world, including a national library in his native Latvia that has... [Read More]
Although gay, he helped shape the right-wing agenda and made 'liberal' a dirty word. [Read More]
He used the word "liberal" as an epithet in promoting conservative clients, including Jesse Helms and Ronald Reagan. [Read More]
Arthur J. Finkelstein, whose sharp, relentless attack ads helped elect dozens of conservative political candidates in the United States and abroad and made him a... [Read More]