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A veteran of theatre in the US, he gained fans in Britain playing the archetypal English butler of the American imagination... [Read More]
John H. Cushman, a retired Army lieutenant general who received multiple battlefield commendations for heroism during the Vietnam War and who later sought to bring... [Read More]
Since its beginning more than a century ago, jazz has been considered a form of music created by social misfits and outcasts. Yet one group... [Read More]
Lt. Gen. Cushman received multiple decorations for combat heroism in Vietnam. [Read More]
Mr. Miller, a onetime "whiz kid" at Ford, preached corporate values beyond the bottom line. [Read More]
In 1965, Mr. Catlett helped DeMatha High School break 71-game winning streak of New York's Power Memorial Academy. [Read More]
Iona Opie, who spent decades compiling children's songs, games and folklore and, with her husband, published the "Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes" and other books... [Read More]
With her husband, Mrs. Opie published collections of nursery rhymes and other books examinng children's play. [Read More]
Mr. Abrams, an NEA Jazz Master, helped launch innovative styles of performance and composition. [Read More]
'Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life In and Out of Jazz,' by Fred Hersch... [Read More]
Having served the US Navy as a pilot in Vietnam, he gained distinction for his part in rescuing a space station and as the first... [Read More]
Donald Bain, a little-known but versatile writer who sold millions of books, most of them published under other people's names, died Oct. 21 at a... [Read More]
What's in a name? Sometimes the author you know is not the one you read. [Read More]
He also won a Supreme Court First Amendment case and defended a POW charged with collaboration. [Read More]
John Lowe, a lawyer who filed suit to overturn the University of Virginia's male-only undergraduate admissions policy, and who later won a landmark First Amendment... [Read More]
He later was commander of space shuttle Challenger on its maiden flight. [Read More]
(c) 2017, The Washington Post. Paul Weitz, an astronaut who took part in a tension-filled mission to repair the Skylab orbiting laboratory in 1973 an... [Read More]
Dr. Hale promoted safety advances for young ballplayers and expanded Little League activities around the world. [Read More]
Joseph Schmitt, who helped develop the spacesuits worn by the nation's first astronauts, and who helped secure the straps, boots and helmets of John Glenn,... [Read More]
Mr. Schmitt, NASA's chief spacesuit specialist, helped design the suits in which John Glenn, Neil Armstrong and others made history. [Read More]