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The growing allure of celebrity presidential candidates shows our increasingly simplified view of politics. [Read More]
We should stop making every difference a conflict and every disagreement a war, columnist Matthew Albright writes. [Read More]
We should stop making every difference a conflict and every disagreement a war, columnist Matthew Albright writes.        ... [Read More]
Control of the Delaware Senate stays with the Democrats, as Stephanie Hansen wins 58 percent of the vote in District 10.        ... [Read More]
After an often grim and ugly year, columnist Matthew Albright says the Christmas season reminds us to look for the light in the world.      ... [Read More]
It's wrong for Alabamans to stick with a probable pedophile, but consider how you would act in their shoes, the columnist says.        ... [Read More]
Recent grants to ex-city council president stirred outrage, but they're only the latest example, writes columnist Matthew Albright.        ... [Read More]
Carney is trying to bring together groups who are deeply distrustful of each other after years of contentious education reforms, the columnist writes.       ... [Read More]
Columnist Matthew Albright argues that our reply to violence should be: we are not afraid.        ... [Read More]
Efforts to more tightly regulate firearms could be more effective if those pushing them acknowledged why many Americans love guns, the columnist says.       ... [Read More]
Delaware is avoiding a real decision on whether to spend like a blue state or a red state, columnist Matthew Albright says.        ... [Read More]
Columnist Matthew Albright says good parents are essential, but society has to be realistic when parents fail short.        ... [Read More]
Columnist Matthew Albright writes about the lessons he has learned watching his grandparents near the ends of their lives.        ... [Read More]
Football and the pageantry that surrounds it is a source of great joy, but we are increasingly aware of the toll it takes on players'... [Read More]
The lingering problems the ex-mayor left behind should remind voters of their responsibility at election time.        ... [Read More]
Republicans are preparing a bill to fund the government for another month to buy time.        ... [Read More]
Leaders in the General Assembly say the budget debate is sucking up all the oxygen in their final week.        ... [Read More]
A Delaware task force would try to definitively figure out if moving to fewer school districts would save money. [Read More]
New "lethal violence protection orders" would let police confiscate guns from folks who are at risk of harming themselves or others.        ... [Read More]
It appears Republicans may let the increases happen as part of a budget deal.        ... [Read More]