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In a market where prices continue to creep up, a high-quality, premium-feeling smartphone for a reasonable sum can seem an impossible ask. [Read More]
Apple has pushed back the launch of its HomePod smartspeaker until 2018, having announced the Siri-powered speaker in June scheduled for release ahead of the... [Read More]
Facebook has blocked Unilad, a viral news website with more than 34 million likes, with the site stating the page had been deleted for violating... [Read More]
Amazon security cameras which let delivery drivers drop off packages inside customers' homes can be frozen by cyber attackers, potentially allowing intruders to enter undetected. [Read More]
OnePlus has announced its latest flagship smartphone, the OnePlus 5T, its first phone to feature facial recognition, a rear fingerprint scanner and a larger screen. [Read More]
Airbnb has bought a British travel website designed for tourists with disabilities. [Read More]
YouTube has announced a clampdown on videos that show popular children's TV characters in violent and frightening scenes after it emerged that hundreds of disturbing... [Read More]
Facebook has been attacked by one of its founding members for "exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology" and putting children's mental health at risk. [Read More]
Bitcoin shot to just shy of $7,900 (£6,000) after a controversial proposal that could have split the cryptocurrency was called off. [Read More]
A London startup developing holographic surgery headsets has raised $20m (£15m) from the backers of Facebook's Oculus headset. [Read More]
Apple has claimed the iPhone X has "the most durable glass ever in a smartphone", but an insurer has claimed the new £999 phone could... [Read More]
A UK cryptocurrency startup that raised $40m (£30m) has been hit by a cyber attack that has shut investors out of their accounts for several... [Read More]
An update to iOS has irritated iPhone users trying to type the letter "i", with the software's autocorrect feature changing the letter to a capital... [Read More]
Sony is to breath new life into its Aibo robotic dog, releasing a new - and much cuter - version more than a decade after... [Read More]
Google was forced to pull the plug on early self-driving car experiments after its test drivers fell asleep or applied makeup at the wheel, the... [Read More]
Apple has fired an engineer after the employee's daughter posted a hands-on YouTube video of the iPhone X days ahead of its official release. [Read More]
Chromebooks have long-suffered the reputation as cheap laptop alternatives, slimmed down to run only using a browser-based operating system and not up to the tasks... [Read More]
WhatsApp users will have a new way to hastily unsend embarrassing messages, with a new update set to add the ability to delete sent messages... [Read More]
Buyers clamouring to get their hands on the iPhone X on pre-order day may have to wait six weeks for Apple's flagship phone to arrive. [Read More]
Futuristic electric cars from Nissan could sing to warn pedestrians of approaching vehicles, using melodic sounds to replace the noise of petrol engines. [Read More]