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Uber is under threat with the company's private hire licence denied by Transport for London. [Read More]
Apple's iOS 11 update is blocking Microsoft email accounts from sending messages using the default Mail app for iPhone and iPad. [Read More]
The biggest secret about Apple's upcoming iPhone has proven to be its name. [Read More]
Six million Instagram accounts have been exposed online after hackers created a dark web database of personal information, revealing private phone numbers and email addresses. [Read More]
The iPhone 8 launch is just weeks away and while there are plenty of unverified rumours about the new phone, we can be pretty certain... [Read More]
The majority of British iPhone users are planning to pick up the new iPhone 8 when it is released next month, despite the rumoured price... [Read More]
Google is turning to psychiatry with a medical quiz that will diagnose people with clinical depression. [Read More]
Robots have been accused of taking people's jobs and stealing sexual partners. [Read More]
Apple's upcoming iPhone 8 is set to come with a 3D camera that can scan users' faces in 'millionths of a second", leaked images show. [Read More]
Samsung has made its Bixby voice assistant available in the UK a day before the launch of its high-end Galaxy Note 8 smartphone. [Read More]
The iPhone 8 may have been dominating headlines, but Apple could be preparing for another major release at its event in September:... [Read More]
Facebook is working on a pair of augmented reality smartglasses that could superimpose virtual objects onto the real world. [Read More]
Apple is due to release the latest version of its iPhone and iPad operating system next month alongside the iPhone 8. [Read More]
Apple's new iPhone could guide users around towns and cities with augmented reality, superimposing directions onto the real world though a user's smartphone. [Read More]
Digital currency bitcoin soared to a new high of $4,500 (£3,492) on Thursday as the currency continues to grow following a split between its backers. [Read More]
Ford has moved a step closer in its plans to make autonomous vehicles after it was granted a patent for a car with a fully... [Read More]
HMD Global has unveiled its first flagship Nokia handset, putting the iconic brand back on the high-end market after a three year hiatus. [Read More]
Apple's new smartwatch will be the first to work independently from the iPhone, reports suggest. [Read More]
The launch of the iPhone 8 is now less than a month away and the rumour mill has been active in leaking images and features... [Read More]