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Jean Cui led the invention of Pfizer's Xalkori. Now she has her own company focusing on drug-resistant cancers, and it has raised $147 million. [Read More]
"It is a breakthrough to be able to make progress in an area like this. I think that is something that is really worth celebrating." [Read More]
"Paul, Paul, slow down. I've spent my whole lifetime studying the brain, and not in my lifetime, and probably not in your lifetime will we... [Read More]
The Forbes Healthcare Summit will convene in New York on November 28 and 29, gathering executives, investors, researchers and patients to imagine the healthcare system... [Read More]
The results, if they hold up, are likely to result in many patients getting the medicine, and could upend decades of orthodoxy among cardiologists. [Read More]
The companies are committing to find ways to use their businesses to help patients with cancer. [Read More]
uBiome, a San Francisco startup that sells commercial tests that use DNA sequencing to identify what microbes are in a person's stool or, for one... [Read More]
This morning, Alydia Health, a tiny Menlo Park, Calif., startup co-founded by a 21-year-old woman, announced that it has secured $10 million in funding to... [Read More]
"John, I'm very aware of your family's journey, Twelve years ago I was one of the producers considering bidding on your life rights." [Read More]
Past experience says that when the FDA has the will to use its regulatory power, it can shake whole industries. Companies like Juul should tread... [Read More]
Mass shooters appear to injure and kill more people when the use semiautomatic rifles instead of handguns, other types of rifles, or shotguns, according to... [Read More]
If we're going to have a central database of conflict of interest disclosures in medicine – and there is one, created by law – it's... [Read More]
Miami's Phillip Frost, who built a $2.8 billion fortune in the generic drug business, was allegedly involved in a tawdry stock promotion scheme, the Securities... [Read More]
For an example of how hard it is to develop an anti-aging medicine, check this out. It's some of the coolest and creepiest science to... [Read More]
"It's a fabulous company and it's at a perfect stage of its life cycle," Fouse says. She notes that Agios has spent a decade proving... [Read More]
"Sometimes I think, gosh, it would be great if folks in the investment community could have that opportunity to sit in front of regulators and... [Read More]
An experimental Pfizer drug extended the lives of patients who had a disease in which clumps of protein break apart into toxic substances that damage... [Read More]
Our slow progress against pancreatic cancer is representative of the war on cancer writ large. Focus in on pancreatic cancer, and you see that there... [Read More]
"I think in a few years I think everybody will know this number similar to the way we know our cholesterol right now," muses Sekar... [Read More]
This morning, after 16 years and $2.5 billion in investment, the Cambridge, Mass.-based company Alnylam finally turned a 1998 biology breakthrough into a medicine: a... [Read More]