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Forgetting the sound of a loved one's voice after their death can be one of the most upsetting parts of the grieving process.Now a former... [Read More]
The BBC is spending hundreds of thousands of pounds a year running a shuttle bus to take staff between buildings that are 14 minutes apart... [Read More]
Gary Lineker has been publicly criticised by one of his most senior colleagues in BBC sport for repeatedly being hostile to Brexit.Jonathan Agnew, the cricket... [Read More]
The BBC has appointed its first correspondent to report on stories related to LGBT matters, sexuality and gender.The role has been created months after the... [Read More]
A BBC project to replace the set of EastEnders is running £27 million over budget and nearly five years late, according to a damning report.The set... [Read More]
In Victor Hugo's classic 19th century novel Les Misérables, the heroic lower-class protagonist Jean Valjean hails from the small town of Faverolles in the Brie... [Read More]
Ever watched Newsnight or an interview by Andrew Marr and wanted to give the politicians a piece of your mind? You're not alone.Current affairs programmes... [Read More]
The Queen was forced to re-record last year's Christmas message because of an unlikely interruption.She has earned the affectionate nickname "One-take Windsor" among broadcasters because... [Read More]
Cleaners could be given the same housing priority as teachers, nurses and police officers under proposals being considered by a council in Kent. Residents of... [Read More]
The Snowman has delighted generations of families at Christmas. Now the classic animation's creators are working on a project about one of the most remarkable... [Read More]
Lily Allen's father has challenged her claim that he once had a cocaine-induced heart attack while he was meant to be looking after her.In her... [Read More]
Digital giants such as Facebook and Google could face substantial fines if they refuse to take down hate speech and terrorist content. The government is... [Read More]
The Newsnight host Evan Davis is swapping television for radio after being appointed presenter of the PM programme, leaving the BBC with another vacancy.The former... [Read More]
Chris Evans's wife has given birth to twins, a girl and a boy, who are currently going by the names Ping and Pong.The news was... [Read More]
A cinema's plan to let infants attend screenings of 15 and 18-certificate films has been vetoed by council officials even though similar "parent and baby"... [Read More]
They don't have a record label, you can't buy their albums in the shops and their tracks aren't even available on Spotify. But they might... [Read More]
A levy could be imposed on global tech giants such as Facebook and Google to fund public interest British journalism, ministers hinted yesterday. Jeremy Wright,... [Read More]
The BBC One thriller Bodyguard has been purchased by Netflix, but ITV will enjoy the financial windfall.The streaming service has acquired the series and will... [Read More]
It's a very modern parenting dilemma. How do you raise your children to be polite when they hear you barking orders at your Alexa smart... [Read More]
A string of Labour-led councils have lowered the 15 rating given to a film about northern poverty so young viewers can watch its realistic portrayal... [Read More]