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A surrogate mother of triplets on Friday lost her appeal to adopt the babies she gave birth to, whom she says are currently endangered by... [Read More]
Another battle in Apple and Samsung's seemingly ceaseless smartphone patent wars played out in front of a federal judge on Thursday, this one pertaining to... [Read More]
A federal judge tentatively dismissed an age discrimination lawsuit against Google on Thursday, even as scrutiny into the technology titan's employment practices mounts. [Read More]
Scientists have discovered vast deposits of water ice on Mars, prompting calls for future study and improving the chances of possible habitability of the Red... [Read More]
Two recent national polls hold mixed news for President Donald Trump, with one revealing that voters expect a favorable outcome in the ongoing Russia scandal... [Read More]
A federal judge on Tuesday handed down prison sentences to two men accused of stealing high-end wine from a San Francisco Bay Area steakhouse. [Read More]
A state appeals court ruled that overtime, severance pay and on-call pay cannot be included in pension formulas for public employees in the latest in... [Read More]
Software giant Oracle emerged from yet another copyright battle mostly victorious, with a federal appeals court upholding the central thrust of a lower court decision... [Read More]
The former Google engineer who was fired over a memo he wrote that suggested biological reasons are behind the predominance of male engineers at the... [Read More]
With rain finally headed toward Southern California this week, the state's worst wildfire season ever may finally end if precipitation snuffs out what's left of... [Read More]
California's battle with the Trump administration and the GOP-dominated Congress continued on multiple fronts Thursday, not the least of which involved the introduction of a... [Read More]
California's first snow survey of the 2017-18 season turned up dismal results and stoked fears that one year after a drought-busting winter, the Golden State... [Read More]
About 50 people waited outside KindPeoples marijuana dispensary just outside downtown Santa Cruz, California, before dawn on New Year's Day. Despite the early hour on a... [Read More]
Federal agencies must rethink permitting a swordfish-catching operation to increase the use of a fishing method that can kill endangered sea turtles and seabirds, according... [Read More]
A federal judge on Thursday tossed a lawsuit brought by an authoritarian government against two exiled citizens who supposedly hacked officials' emails and published them... [Read More]
The executive chairman of Google parent Alphabet said Thursday he will transition away from his leadership role at the company and take on a more... [Read More]
A California appellate court ruled on Wednesday in favor of an insurance company in its battle with a wastewater facility that was storing hazardous materials... [Read More]
Sandoz Inc., manufacturers of a generic medication, won yet another legal victory this week over pharmaceutical giant Amgen in their ongoing, multi-pronged patent dispute. [Read More]
Four legal organizations based in the San Francisco Bay Area have settled a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit with the Department of Homeland Security regarding... [Read More]
A private wastewater treatment company received a severe legal defeat from a California appeals court on Thursday, meaning it will remain on the hook for... [Read More]