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Exclusive: Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner​ says: 'I cannot imagine the trauma of having to physically carry around a piece of paper to prove you... [Read More]
Nineteen say they experienced inappropriate 'incidents' from angel investors or venture capitalists... [Read More]
Karin Housley ​said former first lady looked like chimpanzee when she met the Queen and urged her to stand up 'straighter' in old Facebook post... [Read More]
'Not only is harassment a severe infringement of women's rights, it's also bad for democracy. We need to acknowledge the perverse effect that this can... [Read More]
'I can absolutely understand that people are upset because this is a time to remember a baby's loss rather than welcome a baby that is... [Read More]
'Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the... [Read More]
'I'm surprised by how much has changed, but by how much has not changed,' says former first lady... [Read More]
Those who break rules are more likely to be punished by scolding, beatings or even early marriage... [Read More]
'Headphones don't rape women, nor do skirts, or dark streets, or clubs, or alcohol, or parties, or sleepovers, or school uniforms. Name the perpetrators,' says... [Read More]
Mother's tweet which belittled recent conversations around sexual assault spectacularly backfired and resulted in a plethora of memes... [Read More]
Exclusive: Research by housing charity Shelter exclusively seen by The Independent shows number of female single parents found to be homeless has risen to more... [Read More]
'Belittling the ability and legitimacy of scientists of colour and white women scientists using such flimsy pretexts is disgraceful and it reveals a deep contempt... [Read More]
Spectator tossed several metres into air before landing on her head... [Read More]
Timothy Loehmann shot 12-year-old while he playing outside a recreation centre with a pellet gun... [Read More]
'Nothing was found and passengers have been allowed to board the vessel again which will shortly depart for Liverpool,' says police... [Read More]
Quake is one of strongest to hit Caribbean nation since major tremor in 2010 killed more than 200,000 people... [Read More]
President's former communications steps down from role at CNN following allegations... [Read More]
'We are an underrepresented, marginalised community. The implementation of the law and policy is sometimes not in our favour,' says law graduate... [Read More]
'The judges must see that this is such obvious unfair cruelty. They now have the power to not only give this woman her life back,... [Read More]
'A lot of men have said if females are getting free tampons, can we get free razors, free beer, free deodorant, and free shaving foam.... [Read More]