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The White House press secretary's apology tour continued at the Newseum in Washington Wednesday. [Read More]
Sean Spicer continued apologizing for statements he made comparing the actions of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to those of the Syrian President... [Read More]
Attorney General Sessions spoke to Customs and Border Protection personnel in Nogales, Arizona, on Tuesday... [Read More]
"This is a new era." [Read More]
Some took the border wall design process as a chance to express outlandish ideas or put forward their own utopian visions. [Read More]
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has proposed passengers no longer be able to make phone calls on airplanes. [Read More]
Social media users have found it ironic that United CEO Oscar Munoz recently received a communication award from PR Week... [Read More]
"Taking it off the table permanently will be a victory for Americans" [Read More]
Social media users found the award ironic... [Read More]
The new head of the Democratic Party is seeking to present a united front by partnering with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on a tour of... [Read More]
D.C.'s Emancipation Day, which is being observed on April 17, is pushing the filing deadline back to April 18, 2017... [Read More]
The White House will host a Passover seder Monday evening, continuing a tradition started under President Obama in 2009. A White House official told TIME... [Read More]
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch will take the judicial oath during a ceremony in the White House Rose Garden on Monday... [Read More]
The swearing-in will take place in two separate ceremonies... [Read More]
The two former presidents met in Houston on Sunday and talked grandkids, "old times and new times," and socks... [Read More]
According to a new poll... [Read More]
Arizona Sen. John McCain said the Trump Administration's words were "partly to blame" for the chemical weapons attack. [Read More]
A focus on the Administration's rhetoric... [Read More]
On Friday, the White House released a photo of President Trump and senior Administration officials being briefed on the airstrike he ordered against the Syrian... [Read More]
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer tweeted a photo of Trump Administration officials receiving a briefing on the heels of an airstrike the president ordered... [Read More]