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A Florida nursing home had its license suspended Wednesday after officials investigated the deaths of nine patients in the wake of Hurricane Irma. [Read More]
The body temperatures of Florida nursing home residents who died after spending days in sweltering conditions were as high as 109.9. [Read More]
A PresidentTrump-loving woman from Maine says she's willing to go to jail over oversized political signs on her property. [Read More]
A Mississippi school teacher has been dismissed from her role after she was accused of posting a racist rant on Facebook. [Read More]
One man is dead and another is in jail after a fight over a woman erupted outside a Florida convenience store. [Read More]
A man set to be executed in Georgia Tuesday will feast on one last high-calorie meal before he dies. [Read More]
An elementary school in Mexico City collapsed Tuesday in a powerful earthquake on the anniversary of a deadly 1985 tremor. [Read More]
A German World War I submarine has been found off the coast of Belgium in good condition. [Read More]
Swiss authorities are trying to understand why more than $100,000 worth of Euros were flushed down toilets in Geneva. [Read More]
A North Carolina couple traveled to Cincinnati to deliver a set of conjoined twins earlier this month. [Read More]
A Minnesota woman is paralyzed after her hammock pulled down one of the trees it was attached to. [Read More]
Roughly two-thirds of the people arrested for breaking curfew in Palm Beach County during Hurricane Irma were minorities. [Read More]
Police are searching for suspects who stole a purse from a Freeman High School parent's vehicle in the wake of a deadly school shooting. [Read More]
A Mexican entrepreneur who won an award for connecting an indigenous village to the internet was barred from travelling to U.S. [Read More]
Hulk Hogan tweeted about the "complaining" victims of Hurricane Irma on Thursday after he braved the storm from his Clearwater, Fla. residence. [Read More]
Jeffrey Sandusky pleaded guilty to 14 counts of child sexual abuse Friday. [Read More]
Two Equifax executives are retiring after the credit reporting company announced last week it had suffered a massive data breach. [Read More]
Former wrestling champ Hulk Hogan fired off a pair of heartless tweets about victims of Hurricane Irma Thursday. [Read More]
A Maryland mother whose two children have been missing for three years was charged with their murders Thursday. [Read More]
President Trump reverted to the both-sides-are-to-blame rhetoric that drew harsh criticism following the deadly violence in Charlottesville. [Read More]