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Spoilers ahead! [Read More]
The post-credit scene at the end of Justice League previews the rise of the villainous Injustice League in future DC Extended Universe films. [Read More]
"The Force is strong with this one" [Read More]
When Luke Skywalker himself showed up to surprise a group of fans at Disneyland's Star Tours attraction, they were completely overwhelmed. [Read More]
"This is the stuff Thanksgiving is made of" [Read More]
Stove Top has rolled out a new line of Thanksgiving stuffing pants that are the perfect attire for the biggest eating holiday of the year. [Read More]
Kimmel's friends celebrated his birthday with a special edition of "Mean Tweets" [Read More]
Jimmy Kimmel turned 50 years old, and to celebrate, a group of his closest famous friends teamed up for a special edition of "Mean Tweets." [Read More]
"I can't go to sleep knowing that Salted Caramel Pepsi is out there" [Read More]
Just in time for the holidays, Pepsi has rolled out a Salted Caramel flavor of its classic cola that is stirring up a storm on... [Read More]
Queen B strikes again... [Read More]
Folk singer Jewel says that a story about BeyoncÃ... [Read More]
And gave fans an adorable photobomb moment... [Read More]
Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone proved yet again that they are one of the most adorable Hollywood friendships out there. [Read More]
"Some Guy," the fourth episode of Walking Dead's eighth season, was a dark hour for King Ezekiel. Here's what happened. [Read More]
Twitter users have begun sharing stories of pleasant encounters they've had with celebrities amidst the recent sexual misconduct accusations. [Read More]
"Advice I'll forever hold in my heart" [Read More]
Swift's famous fans are speaking their minds... [Read More]
The steamy anthem has sent fans into a frenzy... [Read More]
Following the release of Reputation at midnight on Friday, even Taylor Swift's famous fans are abuzz with excitement over her new album. [Read More]