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Whitney Kimball Coe grew up in Appalachia just a few hours outside of the Great Smokey Mountain State Park. But from a young age, she... [Read More]
The Radically Rural Event will be a two-day summit aimed at bringing together rural leaders, founders, trailblazers and anyone who is passionate about creating a... [Read More]
Ever since I can remember, I have seen and heard parents talk about back to school with a wink and a smile — their words... [Read More]
I don't talk or write about my mom a lot since she passed away simply because I miss her too much. Mentioning her reminds me... [Read More]
I sometimes forget that my Julia is not a 7-year-old boy. She is, in fact, a 16-month-old toddler with her own needs and wants. But... [Read More]
Woo doggie, have I got a hot tip for you guys this week! But first, I shall wrap it in an amusing anecdote about how... [Read More]
Each student who spoke at Saturday's graduation made passing mention of the hard times their small but tight Hinsdale High School Class of 2018 had... [Read More]
When pushed to brag about herself a bit, new Windsor High School graduate Hannah Fowler is still pretty modest."I always try to be a nice... [Read More]
I came late to the enjoyment of history. There is many a Stevenson High School history book that bears the drool of the unexpected naps... [Read More]
For those of you who don't know me, and that's many of you because I spend a lot of time in my house — a... [Read More]
Oh boy, spring break. While it feels like my kids have been out of school more than in this year due to weather, here we... [Read More]
My Addie likes his relax. Given the choice between being out in the sunshine, climbing trees and getting dirty, or being inside cozied up on... [Read More]
While it can be said of all the recipients of the 2018 Trendsetter Awards that they've shown entrepreneurial spirit, strong work ethic and grit, a... [Read More]
There's a saying that entrepreneurs need 10,000 cups of coffee to get to the right number of people to network with — and to create... [Read More]
Voters will have three options for deciding the fate of the Town Hall Annex, among other items up for discussion at annual Town Meeting on... [Read More]
Few items on this year's warrant raised much discussion Wednesday, except for whether to pay the town clerk and tax collector a set salary. The... [Read More]
We can pretty much guarantee that when we make a plan to go on vacation, misadventure will ensue. Our first trip to Cape Cod: torrential... [Read More]
Residents at the annual Grantham School District Meeting Tuesday night voted to add $54,000 to the school budget to hire a general education paraprofessional to... [Read More]
As a journalist, part of my job is to synthesize complex subject matter into something that anyone can understand. And I have done this. I've... [Read More]
As I was flipping through photos on my work camera recently, I discovered my boys had gotten ahold of it. No sooner did the phrase,... [Read More]