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Sheila Stubbs is headed for the Wisconsin legislature. The caller thought her car was part of a drug deal. Her mother, 71, and child, 8,... [Read More]
The shooting took place inside a judge's office in Masontown, Pa., according to local reports. [Read More]
Shawn Richard Christy, a self-described 'survivalist', has evaded authorities by stealing supplies and living in wooded areas... [Read More]
Shawn Richard Christy, 26, has kept under the radar by stealing supplies and living in wooded areas, an official said. [Read More]
The Supreme Court justice has two new children's books adapted from her memoir. She recently spoke in Brooklyn to an appreciative crowd with many Hispanic... [Read More]
Chair ump under fire on social media. WTA fines Williams $17,000 U.S. for code violations in Saturday's Grand Slam showdown. [Read More]
Reactions on social media largely focused on the chair umpire, Carlos Ramos, who penalized Williams for behavior that would ordinarily result in a warning. [Read More]
Director Shane Black was aware of performer's past, Los Angeles Times reports. [Read More]
On Twitter, the actress Olivia Munn, who reported Steven Wilder Striegel's status as a registered sex offender to 20th Century Fox, said those who know... [Read More]
The woman, Charisse Stinson, 21, had told the police in Largo, Fla., that a man who offered her a ride took her son, Jordan Belliveau,... [Read More]
The call by Rob Tibbetts to not politicize his daughter's murder came a day after the president's eldest son blamed Democrats for her death. [Read More]
The father of Mollie Tibbetts, an Iowa college student whose body was found last month, has called on others to not "callously distort and corrupt"... [Read More]
In southwestern Florida, the harmful algal bloom has lasted about 10 months and continues to kill large amounts of marine life. [Read More]
A 10-person task force has been set up to try to catch the person responsible for mutilating and killing at least 12 cats in and... [Read More]
So far this year, 39 people have died in residential fires, a city official said. In 2017, such fires killed 27 people. [Read More]
A 24-year-old man has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Ms. Tibbetts, a 20-year-old student at the University of Iowa, the authorities... [Read More]
Lawyer argues eyewitness reports dispute police account and notes history of 'unjustified use of excessive lethal force' in city... [Read More]
A history of mistrust between the police in Chicago and the black community has led Steven Rosenthal's family to raise questions about the circumstances of... [Read More]
President Trump's personal lawyer, Rudolph Giuliani, made the comment on "Meet the Press" on Sunday in response to a question about a potential interview by... [Read More]