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The sheriff of the Florida county where a shooter killed 17 people at a high school last week has ordered all deputies who qualify to... [Read More]
We have just a few of the highlights of his decades-long career. [Read More]
Trebek will keynote Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry's annual dinner in October, which is scheduled to include the 45-minute debate. [Read More]
Surgery is not always the answer for chronic back pain. [Read More]
Karla Souza said she was raped early in her career by a producer she did not name. [Read More]
The promise of faster mobile service is finally getting on the map later this year -- and it's headed south. [Read More]
Every year around the world, about 2.6 million babies die within their first month of life -- and some countries see more of those tragic... [Read More]
BP thinks 320 million electric vehicles will be on the road by 2040, compared with about 2 million in 2016. The company thinks electrics will... [Read More]
Razor, diaper and shampoo makers are waging a high-stakes battle over prices. [Read More]
The Florida state House on Tuesday voted down a motion on a bill that would ban assault rifles and large capacity magazine as dozens of... [Read More]
People more likely to get a severe salmonella infection include pregnant women, young children, older adults and people with weakened immune systems. [Read More]
If you have kids you know you're on the hook for their spending, at least for a while... [Read More]
The student is currently at a local hospital. His condition is unknown at this point. [Read More]
The decision stems from the upholding of sanctions against the men's program in the sex scandal case. [Read More]
The student is currently at a local hospital. His condition is unknown at this point. [Read More]
Instead of a pill, some are saying the solution to pain might be acupuncture. [Read More]
Lucky Charms is adding a new marshmallow to their cereal -- the magical unicorn. General Mills released a statement saying the new marshmallow was chosen... [Read More]
A group of teens and more than a hundred supporters staged a "lie-in" outside the White House on Presidents Day to pressure lawmakers to pass... [Read More]
According to recruitment firm Selby Jennings, 75% of the more than 1,500 experienced professionals surveyed expect their next job to be at a different company. [Read More]
Eight years ago, Shay Mitchell was a waitress working bottle service in a club. Today, she has millions of fans and her own production company.... [Read More]