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A majority of the Galveston City Council made an astute decision Thursday by declining to decide what did or didn't happen almost 40 years ago... [Read More]
Monica Millican, president of the Friends of League City Animal Shelter, is absolutely justified in her concern about the mental health of whoever set three... [Read More]
The Galveston City Council should grant a request the chamber of commerce made Tuesday afternoon and postpone voting on a slate of revisions to the... [Read More]
Various plans being considered for some sort of coastal barrier meant to protect this region from storm-driven surge offer a lot to debate about and... [Read More]
It took a few days for the words "Pearl Harbor" to take root in the national vocabulary. [Read More]
If there ever was a Christmas season during which the fortunate among us should go a little above the normal in our giving, this is... [Read More]
The much-anticipated consultant's report recommending ways Galveston might make the Broadway corridor look better seems to have raised more questions about that long-running effort than... [Read More]
Galveston's Wharves Board of Trustees voted 5-2 Monday to conduct a sociopolitical experiment into whether an important but somewhat detached public institution can become better... [Read More]
Many of the people debating whether the city of Galveston should affirm the abandonment of 10 mostly unusable rights of way south of the seawall... [Read More]
It's tempting, although maybe not fair, to argue that nobody at any level of government really knows what's happening with the housing recovery efforts underway... [Read More]
The Kansas Supreme Court has again ruled the state's school funding system unconstitutional. So, how much money will the Legislature have to throw at the... [Read More]
Is it time for the Texas Legislature to tighten the rules for establishing municipal utility districts and other special purpose taxing districts? [Read More]
Texas City school officials have been a little reluctant to use the words, but the district most likely is preparing to call a bond referendum. [Read More]
In April every year, we honor people in our community who go out of their way to make a difference in the lives of their... [Read More]
Galveston officials should drop the city's nighttime bus route, but should look for cheaper ways to accommodate people who need that public transit option. [Read More]
Many events are planned across the county during the annual observance of Veterans Day, all with at least the stated purpose of honoring and thanking... [Read More]
Y ou could raise some questions about how well the city of Galveston has delivered on promises it made to voters who in 2011 approved... [Read More]
If you haven't already voted early in the 2017 general election, today is the day to exercise one of the most fundamental and important rights... [Read More]
One of the odder things we've seen recently was the San Luis Pass Bridge on a list of hurricane relief projects the state of Texas... [Read More]
What a difference a couple of weeks make. [Read More]