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New Jersey's attorney general said Monday he is setting up an office to fight corruption and build confidence in government. [Read More]
Only a week into his administration, and after attacking government aid to companies in his campaign, Gov. Phil Murphy sent a letter to Amazon supporting... [Read More]
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy has promised Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos he is committed to tax incentives enacted under Chris Christie worth up... [Read More]
The owner of a trucking company whose dump truck collided with a school bus on a New Jersey highway said Friday he's "deeply saddened" by... [Read More]
Kevin Kennedy said "my beautiful bride and I have been in total love every day of our lives since the day our eyes met on... [Read More]
Eschewing any mention of the corruption scandal that dogged him for years and put his political career in jeopardy, U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez launched his... [Read More]
Democratic U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez is kicking off a campaign for a third term just two months after federal prosecutors dropped corruption charges against him.... [Read More]
Gov. Phil Murphy on Tuesday proposed raising the state sales tax, hiking income taxes on the wealthy and legalizing recreational marijuana under a budget plan... [Read More]
New Jersey's biggest health insurer and its largest utility company were top-spending lobbyists in 2017, coughing up millions of dollars during former Gov. Chris Christie's... [Read More]
The chatter at New Jersey's annual power-player cocktail party shed light on what the state government is up to. Specifically, Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy could... [Read More]
New data shows that New Jersey's biggest health insurer and utility company were top-spending lobbyists in 2017. A report released Thursday from New Jersey's Election... [Read More]
New Jersey's Democratic-led Assembly on Monday waded into the debate over marijuana legalization, drawing hours of testimony both for and against making it available. [Read More]
New Jersey lawmakers are hearing the case for and against marijuana legalization. The Democrat-led Assembly Oversight Committee held the hearing Monday in Trenton. Three... [Read More]
In a tightening U.S. job market, companies in states that have legalized either recreational or medicinal marijuana are leading the way on dropping drug tests. [Read More]
New Jersey's path to legalize recreational marijuana could take a turn soon. The Assembly Oversight Committee is set to hear from experts Monday on cannabis... [Read More]
Buffalo News, Buffalo Weather | WIVB-TV News 4 Buffalo, NY | [Read More]
Legalizing marijuana was a major topic at New Jersey's annual power-player cocktail party, with legislators hesitant to announce their support. [Read More]
New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy on Thursday redoubled his campaign promise to raise income taxes on millionaires, but said such a change does not have... [Read More]
Marijuana, specifically legalizing it for recreational use, was a hot topic Thursday aboard New Jersey's annual cocktail party on rails.... [Read More]
New Jersey business leaders, lawmakers and lobbyists are boarding a Washington-bound train on Thursday for their annual schmooze-fest and pilgrimage to the nation's capital. The... [Read More]