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Initial Arizona Department of Environmental Quality samples have found E. coli bacteria in the water around a broken pipe that is allowing untreated wastewater to flow into the... [Read More]
At least 100 people will become U.S. citizens today during a naturalization ceremony in Tucson. [Read More]
The Met will set out 3,000 chairs for screenings of Ingmar Bergman's film of Mozart's "The Magic Flute," followed by 10 nights of starry performances. [Read More]
Due to a power outage and flooding, Speedway at Interstate 10 will be closed until 9 p.m., city police said. [Read More]
After more than a week, the public will be allowed to head back up to Mount Lemmon starting at 8 a.m. Friday, July 14. [Read More]
Two roads in Springfield Twp. have been closed due to high water, Springfield Twp. [Read More]
Mashups were all the rage with Bootie L.A. held its first event in July of 2005 and despite it being less in the public eye... [Read More]
The Albany Symphony is playing along the canal to celebrate the bicentennial of the artificial waterway, which transformed New York. [Read More]
On July 10, Bob will have two back-to-back premieres at Outfest: feature film Cherry Pop and his first stand-up special Suspiciously Large Female... [Read More]
Signs of monsoon storms are just around the corner for southern Arizona. We could see our first real rain of the season Monday, July 10. [Read More]
Tickets are now available for the Springfield F1 Grand Prix powerboat races at the Clark County Fairgrounds lake Aug. 25 - 27. [Read More]
There is a fire burning on the south side of Tucson Wednesday night. [Read More]
The company's 25th year under Kevin McKenzie will feature premieres by Alexei Ratmansky, Jessica Lang and Benjamin Millepied. [Read More]
The director, Nigel Redden, announced on Wednesday that he would leave the position after this summer's festival, his 20th. [Read More]
Mr. Gilbert, the departing music director of the New York Philharmonic, will be the next chief conductor of a German orchestra that has a sleek... [Read More]
An 88-year-old Springfield man accused a woman of stealing his wallet after she performed a sex act... [Read More]
A surprising number of people carry vast sums in cash, lose it — and then get it returned by Good Samaritans. [Read More]
The festival will feature all the biblical psalms — some in newly commissioned settings — sung at a dozen concerts this fall. [Read More]
The Supreme Court announced it would hear a Wisconsin gerrymandering case, attracting the attention of other states locked in redistricting battles. [Read More]