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White nationalists are finding a last refuge in podcasting. And Mike Peinovich has the hottest mic. [Read More]
White nationalists are finding a last refuge in podcasting. And Mike Peinovich has the hottest mic. [Read More]
The majority of the 217 anti-Trump protesters that were charged with crimes following protests that took place during President Trump's inauguration were either acquitted or... [Read More]
Jason Kessler, one of the organizers of last year's rally, applied for a permit for a second event to take place on the anniversary in... [Read More]
The embattled mayor blamed the recall effort on "dark money outsiders." [Read More]
Despite being disavowed by his own party, Keith Alexander still managed to grab 38 percent of the vote in Shelby County, Tennessee. [Read More]
The 19-year-old had been spotted on a college campus wearing clothing associated with the group Patriot Front. [Read More]
Patrick Little, who has embraced the tag of white nationalist, brought weapons to a deadly rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, last year. [Read More]
The plaintiffs named in the case are students, clergy and local Charlottesville residents who seek damages related to the violence that broke out last summer... [Read More]
Jackson is a polarizing figure whose legacy has been debated more avidly in recent years thanks to both President Trump and former President Obama. [Read More]
Patrick Little has followed a trend of candidates running for office on an anti-Semitic platform. [Read More]
The Fox News host was repeating a claim made by President Trump that has been challenged by government watchdogs. [Read More]
Teespring, which sells custom shirts, has gotten in trouble before over selling shirts that promote hate speech. [Read More]
Kanye West is recruiting an unlikely fan base thanks to his apparent embrace of the right. [Read More]
The phrase "sovereign citizen" may refer to a movement that is monitored by the FBI for its links to domestic terrorism. [Read More]
Richard Spencer and David Duke continue to be allowed to reach wide audiences on Twitter, despite its much-publicized "purge." [Read More]
More than 20 anti-Muslim groups remain active on Facebook. [Read More]
ICE officers are legally required to present a warrant before entering private property. [Read More]
The multi-billion dollar coffee company scheduled a company-wide anti-bias training, but not everyone is pleased with how it was handled. [Read More]
Barbara Bush was praised for her remarks about literacy but made controversial comments about Katrina and did not hide her dislike of Donald Trump. [Read More]