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Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo said he will push to eliminate single-use plastic bags in the state. But so far, there are scant details about his... [Read More]
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It's important to make this clear from the start: They weren't her feet. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., whose outspokenness and progressive views have made her... [Read More]
Father's Day is a reminder of the traits and rituals that we pass down, often unwittingly, through DNA and demonstration. [Read More]
The former White House photographer began subtly posting photos of the Obama era as a way of commenting on President Trump. Now he's getting more... [Read More]
Ms. Perry sent a literal olive branch to Ms. Swift, marking a turning point in a yearslong public fight. [Read More]
With thousands of students expected to participate, here's what you can expect from Friday's walkout. [Read More]
Amid reports that Queen Elizabeth II's last beloved dog, Willow, has died, here's a look at royal corgis in real life and pop culture. [Read More]
The Fox News host has criticized the raid on President Trump's lawyer multiple times — but he never disclosed his connection to the lawyer. [Read More]
The Philadelphia district attorney's office said the rapper's conviction should be vacated, but a judge wouldn't hear arguments to release him on bail. [Read More]
President Trump criticized Amazon again, causing its stock price to decrease. Here are the facts behind his tweets. [Read More]
With a recipe in hand, it's time to find the kitchen gear you need to make it. [Read More]
The National Center on Sexual Exploitation took credit for the decision, linking it to the #MeToo movement, but the retailer would only cite business reasons. [Read More]
The 23-year-old is believed to be linked to six bombs that killed at least two people and injured five. [Read More]
The statue, which shows a submissive Native American man, will be moved to storage and replaced with a plaque that details the reasoning behind the... [Read More]
Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal, a number of high-profile men have resigned, been fired or experienced other fallout after claims of sexual misconduct. [Read More]
The trailers for "It" and "Blade Runner 2049" use central characters to bring in new audiences, build suspense and keep old fans wanting more. [Read More]
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