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A tip for my liberal friends about the 2020 presidential race: If you think the solution to your problem is a Massachusetts Democrat — you... [Read More]
Guess who's not coming to dinner? For decades, New Hampshire Democrats - along with the party faithful across America - raised money over platters of... [Read More]
On Friday, Massachusetts' U.S. Senator Liz Warren declared our criminal justice system "racist — all the way. I mean front to back." Yesterday, just two... [Read More]
When President George H.W. Bush nominated David Souter to become a Supreme Court justice, the New Hampshire judge had been on the federal bench for... [Read More]
Is there any job easier than "U.S. Senator from Massachusetts"? The pay is good, the hours are short, and there's no heavy lifting — not... [Read More]
When George H.W. Bush nominated David Souter to become a Supreme Court justice, the New Hampshire judge had been on the federal bench for a... [Read More]
When a political action group called "Demand Justice" launches its $5 million attack on Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court, you'll know who's... [Read More]
"Tell Mike it was only business," Salvatore Tessio, "The Godfather." Mike Capuano, your good friend and longtime political ally Maura Healey wants you to know... [Read More]
Rep. Maxine Waters), it's just another day in American politics. [Read More]
Dear Wakefield Town Council, Since moving to a nearby community last year, my lovely bride, Buttercup, and I have done all our weekly grocery shopping... [Read More]
Holding down a job in Massachusetts means living the "Huey Lewis" lifestyle — takin' what they're givin' cause you're working for a livin.' And Beacon... [Read More]
The conventional wisdom is that Massachusetts elects Republican governors, not because they can actually stop the Democrats from spending every penny they get their hands... [Read More]
Why are people so panicked over Trump's train wreck of a presser with Vladimir Putin yesterday? To paraphrase that great political philosopher, Yoda, this is... [Read More]
"(Kavanaugh) has very strong views about a sitting president not being interfered with, with criminal charges or civil lawsuits. … Trump saw Kavanaugh as his... [Read More]
First things first, Mayor Daniel Rivera — U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions did not libel your lovely city of Lawrence. Libel is when it's written... [Read More]
"We'll be DAMNED if we're going to let five MEN — including some frat boy named Brett — strip us of our hard-won bodily autonomy... [Read More]
What do you call someone who disrupts someone's dinner at a restaurant, who hassles their families at home and shouts profanities at them over their... [Read More]
"Hillary Clinton is up to something." [Read More]
Liberal activists are chasing Trump officials out of restaurants and shouting at them while they try to eat their dinner. Anti-Trumpers are threatening the children... [Read More]
Congressman Capuano, call your office — while you still have one. The 10-term representative is toast. Stick a fork in him, he's done. All because... [Read More]