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The dispute over the press credentials of the network correspondent Jim Acosta has become a potentially significant legal showdown over journalists' rights. [Read More]
A dispute over the press credentials of CNN's chief White House correspondent has escalated into a potentially significant legal showdown over journalists' rights, as the... [Read More]
The network, citing what it said were Mr. Acosta's First Amendment rights, asked a federal court to reinstate his press credentials, which were revoked after... [Read More]
The president, speaking on the South Lawn before leaving for a brief jaunt to Paris, also targeted the reporter April D. Ryan with an unprompted... [Read More]
In its half-century on the air, "60 Minutes" has operated independently of the CBS News organization. Many at the show worry what will happen if... [Read More]
Attacked by Fox News pundits, Rudolph Giuliani and a presidential Twitter account, the special counsel sticks to a stoic approach. [Read More]
Mr. Fager was dismissed four days after the network's chief executive, Leslie Moonves, stepped down following numerous misconduct allegations. [Read More]
It's rare for The New York Times to grant an Op-Ed writer anonymity, but the piece, by a senior administration official, "deserved an airing," an... [Read More]
"De-platforming," with its questions of free speech, comes to a magazine whose die-hard fans see it as a bastion of cosmopolitan values. [Read More]
Over the course of a whipsawing hour of television, journalists struggled to keep up with developments involving Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen. [Read More]
Job losses, insults from President Trump and threats have made this a difficult time for many journalists. On Thursday, more than 300 publications responded by... [Read More]
The White House briefing room becomes the latest venue for the fight over the president's treatment of the news media. [Read More]
Menacing the media is a theme of President Trump's rallies, but news organizations are anticipating an unnerving midterm election season, especially after a hostile crowd... [Read More]
A two-time Pulitzer winner and a leader of the newspaper's digital initiatives takes over the section at an unsettled time for local news coverage. [Read More]
Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Bill Shine scolded Kaitlan Collins after she asked President Trump about Michael Cohen during an Oval Office photo-op. [Read More]
The Fox News anchor follows his aggressive interview of the Russian president with a vacation — to St. Petersburg. [Read More]
Guilfoyle has been at Fox News for more than a decade, but flirted with the idea of joining the Trump administration. [Read More]
Ms. Guilfoyle, who recently revealed that she is dating Donald Trump Jr., had been at the network for 12 years. [Read More]
As the Trump administration continues to denounce, deride and divide the media, White House journalists are adopting a new approach to get answers... [Read More]
White House reporters have privately debated how aggressively they should work together to get their questions answered. [Read More]