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Tom Perez's appointments and nominations to DNC positions favor establishment members and leave out progressives. [Read More]
The Democratic Party is trying to force Sanders to put a "D" next to his name. [Read More]
As the deadliest wildfire disaster in the California history rages on, 2017 is on pace to be the worst wildfire season on record. [Read More]
Instead of Diane Feinstein, a moderate-Democrat, a progressive who helps lead the Party should be serving in this seat. [Read More]
Democrats' losses in the state suggest the party is in disarray. [Read More]
The "pied-piper" strategy is dangerous; when it fails, far-right Republican extremist candidates attain positions of power. [Read More]
Some Democrats are donating Harvey Weinstein's donations to charity, but the DNC is giving them to political groups it funds anyways. [Read More]
At the end of season two, Chaikin's character, Darlene, has tumbled deeper in the dark broaches of fsociety. Chaikin reveals where we pick up when... [Read More]
The fifth-ranking Democrat in the House, Rep. Linda Sanchez, is publicly calling for a shake-up in party leadership—and Pelosi's resignation... [Read More]
In an interview with Alec Baldwin, Sanders explained that Democrats have ceded large sections of the U.S. to Republicans. [Read More]
AP Photo/Alex Brandon Last weekend, Sens. Kamala Harris of California and Bernie Sanders of Vermont both made appearances in Atlanta. The senators pushed opposite... [Read More]
The consultants responsible for Jon Ossoff's loss are now leading Doug Jones' efforts against Roy Moore. [Read More]
The Atlanta mayoral election is a microcosm of the war within the Democratic Party. [Read More]
Puerto Rico was struggling from a debt crisis before Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and Trump's callousness makes its situation worse. [Read More]
Alan Grayson's reputation as an outsider might just work in the Democratic Party's favor. [Read More]
This new law is likely to exponentially increase the amount of money funding PACs in the state. [Read More]
Eight senators voted against the bill to increase military spending, a rare show of bipartisanship in a polarized political climate. [Read More]
Harvard is honoring former DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile, further angering progressives and hindering the party's chances for reform. [Read More]
Despite abysmal fundraising numbers, DNC Chair Tom Perez avoids reform and the same issues continue to fracture the party. [Read More]
In multiple elections, the Democratic Party has thrown its weight behind establishment candidates or ignored races altogether. [Read More]